Consulting and service

Please contact the Goethe-Institut serving your state for all questions about our support for German programs (K – 16) in the US educational system:

Goethe-Institut Boston

Folke-Chr. Möller-Sahling
Kerstin Hämmerling
+1 617 262-6050


Goethe-Institut Chicago

Katja Fullard
Theresa Fuchs 
+1 312-263-0472


Goethe-Institut New York

Andrea Pfeil
Ajkuna Hoppe
Anne-Sophie Albrecht
Tel. +1 212 4398700
Teacher Service Facebook Group


Goethe-Institut San Francisco

Julia Koch 
+1 415 2638760

Goethe-Institut Washington

​Allison Paul
Eileen Sellman
Anja Veldhues
+1 202 847-4700
  Teacher Service Facebook Group