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What are the U- Häppchen? 

  •  Bite size  interactive PDFs for immediate download and use in your classroom 
  •  One image/video and three to four interconnected tasks 
  •  For German beginner students in Middle/High Schools  (Level A1-A2)
  •  Get the latest news from the German speaking world combined with authentic, student-oriented tasks

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To the U-Häppchen


U-Häppchen January 2023 https://pixabay.com/photos/read-socks-coffee-morning-woman-3644847/

January 2023

January is typically a colder month and in German we like to be "gemütlich". What does that actually mean - cozy? And what's your favorite way to get “gemütlich”? Learn what Gemütlichkeit means and why it's been voted the most beautiful German word.
Download U-Häppchen Gemütlichkeit

U-Häppchen March 2023 unsplash.com/photos/sWcDEaemw14 (Eduardo Pastor)

March 2023

This year, the world-famous jeans company Levi Strauss & Co. celebrates its 150th anniversary. Originally from Buttenheim in Germany, Levi Strauss emigrated to the U.S. in 1847 and a few years later designed the 501 jeans model that is still often worn today. The new U-Häppchen for March is dedicated to American jeans, fashion and culture.
Download Interactive PDF 150 Years Levi Strauss & Co.


U Häppchen December Cooking https://pixabay.com/photos/cooking-ingredients-flat-lay-bake-5880136/

December 2022

The end of year festivities are approaching, which means: It`s baking time. What would you like to bake and what ingredients do you need? Get acquainted with German food blogs on baking and try a new recipe by yourself or with your class. Download Interactive PDF "Winterzeit-Backzeit"

100 years Gummibears @unsplash.com/Dan Cristian Pădureț

November 2022

The Haribo-Goldbären are turning 100 years old in 2022. Did you know that over 100 milion people eat the Gummibärchen on every given day? That there are about 1000 different Gummibärchen and that 15 new sorts are coming out every year? Test your knowledge and design your own Gummibärchen Download Interactive PDF "100 Jahre Gummibärchen"

Foto Studium @https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/frauen-jung-zuhause-kochen-7315164/

October 2022

Are you interested in studying in Germany? If so, how do you prepare for it? And how does Germany´s unversity system differ from that of the US? Download Interactive PDF "Studium" to find out more. 

European Day of Languages @Goethe-Institut

September 2022

Did you know that the European Day of Languages is celebrated annually and globally on September 26? Since 2001? Download Interactive PDF Europäischer Tag der Sprachen to learn about the 24 languages spoken in the European Union and learn about why people around the world- including you- study German. 

German American Partnership Program @GAPP

August 2022

Did you attend a camp this summer? If so, we are all ear! Tell us all about it- in German- by filling out our August- U-Häppchen Exchanges. Also: Learn about how the German American Partnership Program is celebrating its 50th anniversary in Fall. Download Interactive PDF "Exchanges"


June 2022

Independence Day? German Reunification Day? What do we celebrate on these national holidays and how do we celebrate the nation state in both countries? Download interactive PDF "Nationalfeiertage in den USA und Deutschland"

Europa and the  EU @pixabay.com/de/vectors/europäischen-union-flaggen-sterne-1328255/

May 2022

The European Union (EU) celebrates Europe Day every year on May 9th. What is the EU and why is this institution important? Learn more about the history of the EU, as well as the future with U-Häppchen Europe and the EU

Earth Day @Colourbox

April 2022

Over 175 countries celebrate Earth Day on April 22. Get to know how the Earth Day is celebrated in Germany and what you can do to protect the environment. Download interactive PDF "Nachhaltigkeit"

Vorbildfrauen Photodetail @ Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

March 2022

On March 8th we celebrate the International Day of Women. Explore this historic day, the struggle for equality, as well as powerful women and their impact on our society. Download Interactive PDF "Vorbildfrauen"

Youth for German Cinema @Goethe-Institut/Barak Shrama

February 2022

The Berlinale? Youth 4 German Cinema? What movie festivals in Germany and in the US do you know? What is your favorite film, where do you watch movies and who are the actors you like most? Download Interactive PDF "Filmfestivals"

MLK @Colourbox

January 2022

Why did Martin Luther King Jr´s father change his first name from Michael to Martin after a visit to Germany? Celebrate MLK day on January 17, 2022 with our interactive PDF "Martin Luther King Jr"


Dezember Häppchen Christian Lue on Unsplash.com

December 2021

Discover Germany as a global science and technology hub and explore how German can further your career in the sciences.  Download Interactive PDF "Deutsch in der Wissenschaft"

U-Häppchen Inklusion @Thorsten Bareuther on https://unsplash.com/photos/bH8-gLW

November 2021

What does inclusion mean and how can we build a more inclusive society? Download Interactive PDF "Inklusion"

Naturkatastrophen @ttps://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hochwasser

October 2021

This summer, Germany experienced one of the worst environmental catastrophes in decades. What are environmental catastrophes and how can we prepare for them? Download Interactive PDF Naturkatastrophen

Though the darkest of times @Paintbucket

September 2021

Computer- and smartphone- games are part of a global youth culture, but did you know that you can learn German while playing cool games?  Download Interactive Pdf Gaming in German

German Parliamentary Elections @Colourbox/Patrick Daxenbichler

August 2021

The German parliamentary elections will take place on September 26. 2021. How many parties can Germans vote for and what is `limited term office`? Download interactive Pdf `Bundestagswahl`

Gendern @Goethe-Institut

June (II) 2021

As we celebrate Pride this June, how do diversity and identity find their way into language? How do we address each other sensibly, in German and English?Download Interactive PDF Gendern im Deutschen

Fußball EM @Flickr.com_Jarret Campbell

June (I) 2021

The European soccer championship kicks off on June 11, 2021. Explore the favorite teams and participate in our championship kicktipp-game. Download Interactive PDF `Die EM 2021`

Eurovision 2021 @flickr.com/Jonathan_Khoo

May 2021

The Eurovision Song Contest, now in its 65th year, will take place at the end of May in Rotterdam, Holland. What is the ESC and why is it so popular? Download Interactive PDF Der Eurovision Song Contest

EarthSpeakr @flickr.com/EU2020DE_Elisasson_Planet

April 2021

In celebration of Earth Day, get to know the website/app Earthspeakr!
Download Interactive PDF Earthspeakr for Earthday

ImpfHäppchen @Flickr.com_Tim Reckmann

March 2021

Everyone talks about the COVID-19 vaccine nowadays. What does it look like in your community?
Download Interactive PDF "Impfen gegen Covid"

U Häppchen Black History Month Flickr.com_Bündnis90_DieGrünenLVSchleswig-Holstein

February (III) 2021

In celebration of Black History Month, get to know German politician Aminata Touré.  Download Interactive PDF "Schwarze Deutsche"

Fit im Winter Flickr.com/Florian Forster

February (II) 2021

What winter sports are popular in the US and Germany? What can you do to stay fit in the winter season? Download Interactive PDF "Fit im Winter"

Februar Häppchen Flickr.com_Axel V

February (I) 2021

The fifth season is here! How is carnival celebrated in Germany in 2021? How do you celebrate? Download Interactive PDF "Karneval"

Lebensmittelverschwendung @Flickr.com/Starr


Food waste is a big issue in the 21 century. What steps can you take to reduce food waste?
Download Interactive PDF Wie viel Essen kommt in den Müll?

Neujahrhäppchen @Flickr.com/Frank Lammel

January (I) 2021

How is the new year celebrated in Germany? How did you celebrate New Year and what do you wish for 2021? Download Interactive PDF Ein neues Jahr


Dezember Häppchen @flickr.com/TheoCrazzolara

December (I) 2020

December is a month of many holidays, in Germany, as well as in the United States. Which ones do you celebrate? Download Interactive PDF "Ein Monat- viele Feste"

Streetart in Berlin @Ilka Rasch


What to do when museums are closed? Visit Berlin and its diverse street art.
Download Interactive PDF "Streetart in Berlin"

Oktober Häppchen @Flickr.com/Rasande Tyskar

October (II) 2020

What can you do to fight racism? Are students in Germany as interested in protesting against racism as in the US? Download interactive PDF "Gegen Rassismus"

Sport Häppchen Oktober @Colourbox

October (I) 2020

How do you stay active in times of Corona? What kind of sports do students in Germany do at the moment?
Download Interactive Pdf Sport in Zeiten von Corona

 @flickr.com/Tim Wagner

September 2020 (II)

Youth and activism: How can young people engage actively in social issues? 

Download Interactive Pdf "Jugendaktivismus"

 @Kerstin Hämmerling

September 2020 (I)

School start! Online? Face-to-face? Hybrid? What does school start look like in Germany? 

Download Interactive Pdf "School Start"

 © Flickr.com/Photoheuristic.info

June 2020 (II)

Identity, diversity and equality: Celebrating Pride Month. 

Download Interactive Pdf "Pride Monat"

 © Flickr.com/Hans-Juergen

June 2020 (I)

Dive into a breezy summer. 

Download Interactive Pdf "Sommer"

 © Flickr.com/Thorsten Krienke_Detmold

MAY 2020 (II)

The new normal: What are the new rules under Corona in Germany? 

Download Interactive Pdf "The New Normal"

  David & Goliath @Jeff Jacobs/Pixabay

MAY 2020 (III)

Sustainability approached through the David against Goliath story. 

Download Interactive Pdf "Becoming David"

Leere Stuehle ©Flickr.com/Thorsten Krienke

May 2020 (I)

 "Leere Stühle": A campaign that started in mid-April in Dresden and spread throughout Germany. 
Download Interactive PDF Leere Stühle


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