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Federal Election 2021Illustration (detail): © Goethe-Institut e.V.

German Federal Elections 2021

When German citizens cast their vote in the parliamentary elections on September 26, 2021, they will not only elect a new government and a new chancellor. Beyond Germany and the EU, the outcome is expected to have repercussions for the transatlantic relationship as well. Would you like to teach the German parliamentary elections in Fall, but don`t know where to start? This dossier prepares you to teach by providing background information, professional development trainings, virtual study tours, special language courses, instruction materials for your German or social science/civics/government classroom, educational programs, competitions and virtual exchanges for your students. 

Input by Experts

#BTW21 - Politics for the Youth @picturealliance/BorisRoessler

Video Interviews
Politics for the Youth

Five young politicians from Germany´s leading political parties discuss why they joined their party, what topics are important to them and their communities and what they find fascinating about the US electoral system. 

Picture of the Bundestag in Berlin, Germany. © Moritz Lüdtke on unsplash.com

Teacher Training
German election workshop series

From an introduction to the political system in Germany, to an overview of the German political parties, the concerns of young voters to teacher exchanges, this workshop series provides information tailored specifically to the needs of German teachers.  

WanderbUS live event © Goethe-Institut Washington

Take Your Class to the Digital Wanderbus
Discuss with German Politicians

Teachers may register their German students (middle- and high school students) for the Digital WanderbUS, a 3D- world that features live-conversations with German politicians. Before and after the elections! 

German for Hire © Goethe-Institut

Live Visits in Your Classroom
German Federal Elections 2021 - A Youth Perspective

On September 26, Germany will elect a new government as well as a new chancellor. The outcome is expected to have significant consequences for Germany, the EU as well as international relations with other countries. Invite one of our German-for-Hire ambassadors into your (virtual) classroom to talk about the elections from a young person´s perspective. Virtual visits available nationwide.

Bundestagswahl ©Colourbox

For Social Science Educators
Virtual Study Tours

Are you, a non-German teacher, interested in discussing modern-day German/EU politics with your students? Find out how to approach the topic by joining the free virtual study tours of theTransatlantic Outreach Program (TOP). 


Student Engagement

German(y) © Leo Patrizi, iStock

„Deutschland im Ohr“: Our latest podcast on the Federal Elections – Step into German

The German federal elections are coming up. We’ll tell you the ins and outs of the German political system, and what it means for Germany and Europe as a whole to see the EU’s longest serving political leader step down. Podcast and worksheets now available at Step into German. 

Wettbewerb Politics for the Youth ©Colourbox

Student Competition
Engage with German Politicians

Your students have watched the videos of our project Politics for the Youth and have had fun with the interactive materials. Now it`s their turn to enter to win in our competition for middle- and high school students in the US. Submission deadline: October 22, 2021. 

GAVE Online exchange materials © Goethe-Institut / Sonja Tobias

German American Virtual Exchange (GAVE)

How do you set up a virtual exchange between your students and a students in Germany so that they can discuss the elections on both sides of the Atlantic? GAVE (German American Virtual Exchange) is GAPP’s virtual exchange program. Since 1972, so for almost five decades, GAPP has enabled teachers to offer their students a cultural exchange with a partner school in Germany. Support, guidelines, and materials are provided at no cost to you!

German Parliamentary Elections @Colourbox/Patrick Daxenbichler

Bundestagwahl with U-Häppchen

The German parliamentary elections will take place on September 26, 2021. How many parties can Germans vote for and what is `limited term office`? U-Häppchen, are interactive PDFs that cover contemporary topics in the German speaking world combined with authentic, student-oriented tasks. Published every month for German beginner students in Middle-/High Schools (level A1-A2). Download Interactive PDF Bundestagswahl 2021

Instruction Materials

GAVE (German American Virtual Exchange) Photo (detail): © GAPP

German American Exchange Program

In preparation for the Bundestagswahl GAPP will release a special topic on U.S. and German political systems. From August-December, students and teachers will be able to work with partner schools in Germany to become more informed on the voting process in both countries.​

Politics for the Youth ©Colourbox

Interactive Materials
Youth Politics

Interactive Pdfs for students in middle- and high schools provide not only access to German contemporary politics; they also encourage students to reflect about their own political commitment. 

Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (bpb) Photo (detail): © Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (bpb)

Election App and Instruction Materials | bpb

Developed by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education - the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung or the ”bpb”- the Wahl-o-mat is a highly popular election tool, available also as an app. Since its inception in 2002, the Wahl-o-mat has been used 85 million times!

Background Information and Handouts


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