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Student Competition
Engage with German politicians

Schüler*innen Wettbewerb © Colourbox

Did you get a chance to take closer look at Politics for the Youth?  Five young politicians from Germany`s leading parties, SPD, CDU, FDP, Bündnis 90/die Grünen and Die Linke, explain what topics their parties are focusing on at this year´s parliamentary elections. 

Are there any topics that caught your attention? Something that you found interesting, surprising or even challenging? Did you think about how these issues relate to politics at home? 

The featured politicians have kindly offered to answer all of your questions.


YOU:  A student in a middle- or high school in the United States. 

WHAT? Write a letter to any of the politicians, ask a question, record a video or a voice-memo, do a podcast or tik-tok. Anything you like. You can work by yourself or in a team. 

HOW? WHEN?  Submit your project via email to teacherservice-newyork@ goethe.de by Friday, October 22, 2021.  We will chose the five best projects and publish them and the answers on this website. 

WHY?  What else can you win beyond an answer from a real-life-politician? A big goodie-bag with cool Goethe-Institut USA merchandising to share with your entire class.


Ajkuna Hoppe
Educational Liaison

Goethe-Institut New York