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GAPP 50 years anniversary
GAPP Alumni

Since 1972, GAPP has supported more than 400,000 students and teachers to go on exchange trips between the US and Germany, creating the opportunity for countless cultural adventures, unforgettable memories, and life-long friendships.  


Alumni - German American Partnership Programm© Colourbox

Alumni Network

In this our 50th year, we are launching our GAPP Alumni Network to reconnect with all our former exchange students and GAPP coordinators! 

Join Now
GAPP Alumni who Join the network will receive:

  • Discounts on German language courses at the Goethe Institut 
  • Opportunities to connect with other GAPP Alumni at future events  
  • And more! 
If you have traveled with a GAPP exchange in the last 50 years, you are already an alumnus of our program! 
All you need to do to join our network, to receive all the alumni benefits, is to complete the GAPP Alumni Network Form above.  

GAPP Alumni Raffle

Congratulate our winners:
Danielle Cardi (Haupauge HS -1977)
Dori Jordan (DeForest Area HS - 2014)
and Ellie Groves (Monarch HS - 2018)

Each winner will receive a $1000 travel gift card

Alumni Portraits

Mary Beth Schmitz - Alumni Portraits - German American Partnership Programm © Goethe Institut New York

Mary Beth Schmitz

Mary Beth Schmitz might not have been a GAPP student herself, but if there was a person to represent the fundamental impact a GAPP exchange might have, it would probably be her. We sat down with her and talked about life changing encounters, cowboy hats, and the benefits of a “second home”.

Salim Fayeq - Alumni Portraits - German American Partnership Programm © Goethe Institut New York

Salim Fayeq

Germans are usually not famous for being overly outgoing. However, quite the contrary can be the case. Salim Fayeq shares his viewpoints on German personality and the power of language from his exchange experience in 2015.

Miles Johnson - Alumni Portraits - German American Partnership Programm © Goethe Institut New York

Miles Johnson

To say Miles Johnson has a gift for languages would be an understatement. The young engineer speaks multiple languages. We sat down with him and talked about trust in teenagers, eating habits and why keeping an open mind can only be of personal advantage.

Amy Calhoun German American Partnership Program © Goethe Institut New York

GAPP Coordinator
Amy Calhoun

Currently in her 11th year of teaching in Topeka, Kansas, Amy Calhoun helps coordinate an exchange program for her students to visit different parts of Germany. We sat down with her to discuss what it’s like to lead students in a foreign country.

Joe Martinez - Alumni Portraits - German American Partnership Programm © Goethe Institut New York

Joe Martinez

In 1985, Joe Martinez was a high school sophomore just beginning to learn German when he decided to fly across the world for his first GAPP exchange. During his travels to Germany he explored both sides of the Berlin Wall, licked radioactive salt, and met an interesting and diverse group of students and teachers. 

Anna Patton - Alumni Portraits - German American Partnership Programm © Goethe Institut New York

Anna Patton

In 2006, while Germany celebrated the FIFA World Cup, Anna Patton embarked on her first independent travel experience. We sat down with her and talked about flags, responsibilities, and the benefits of expending your personal boundaries.

Katerina Shinbori - German American Partnership Program © Goethe Institut New York

Katerina Shinbori

Katerina Shinbori was only 16 years old when she decided to embark on her first GAPP exchange to Germany. She had never left the U.S. before. Katerina made close friends, performed a silly dance routine for laughing spectators, and developed an instant fascination with world travel. 

Daniel Villanueva - Alumni Portraits - German American Partnership Programm © Goethe Institut New York

Daniel Villanueva

In the 1980‘s, Daniel Villanueva took off to his first trip abroad. The GAPP program sparked a life-long passion in international travel and intercultural exchange. He visited Germany’s most famous fairy tale castle, was “captured” in East Berlin and discovered an unexpected modern lifestyle.

Lynn Wood and family - German American Partnership Program © Goethe Institut New York

Lynn Wood

When Lynn Wood settled down in rural Minnesota, she told her children stories about one of her favorite countries to visit: Germany. When her daughters signed up to participate in a GAPP exchange, the Wood family volunteered their home to host German students. 

Jay Morgan © Goethe-Institut New York

Jay Morgan

In 2009, Jay Morgan traveled to Germany for the first time in his life. During his GAPP exchange in Berlin, Jay encountered an upbeat polka band, found familiarity in a foreign context and sensed a true feeling of freedom.

Laindra Schuler © Goethe-Institut New York

Laindra Schuler

Having spent most of her life in Michigan, Laindra Schuler was a bit apprehensive before her first international trip to Germany. From confusing shower facilities, to men swilling beer as they broke world records, Laindra overcame her anxiety to enjoy everything GAPP had to offer.

Cynthia Kosicky © Goethe-Institut New York

Cynthia Kosicky

Traveling all the way from Old Bridge High School in Matawan, New Jersey, to Duisburg in the western part of Germany, Cynthia excitedly described her trip as a mixture of magical, beautiful, and life-changing. We sat down with her to ask her a couple of questions about her exchange experience.

Danny Eickemeyer © Goethe-Institut New York

Danny Eickemeyer

In the spring of 1995, Danny Eickemeyer boarded a plane for the first time and set off for a four-week GAPP stay in the USA. Despite his initial nervousness, his American host family welcomed him with open arms.

Jackson Howenstine © Goethe-Institut New York

Jackson Howenstine

Jackson Howenstine says that taking part in GAPP was one of the most important decisions of his life. After spending several weeks on an exchange, he decided to attend school abroad in Germany for a semester. Today, he assists with GAPP exchanges so more students can get the same once-in-a-lifetime experience he did.

Brita Schmitz and Anahita Keiller © Goethe-Institut New York

Brita Schmitz and Anahita Keiller

Working together as coordinators in New Jersey, Brita Schmitz and Anahita Keiller have helped countless students thrive during their time in Germany. We sat down with them to ask a couple of questions about the coordinator side of GAPP and how much the program impacts their students’ lives.

Cassie Shelton © Goethe-Institut New York

Cassie Shelton

Currently in her 13th year at Mountain View High School in Meridian, Idaho, Cassie has personally taken over 120 students to Germany through exchange programs. Cassie says that GAPP shaped her future, and with her daughters recently completing their exchanges, her family has a multi-generational connection to the program. 

Alumni Portrait Videos