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Picture GAPP Introductory Workshop 2018© GAPP, Inc./Marc Paradise

Workshops and Training

We are committed to helping teachers and schools throughout the exchange process. GAPP offers training and workshops on coordinating successful exchanges and professional development opportunities.


German-American Virtual Exchange (GAVE) Webinars

GAVE (German American Virtual Exchange) is GAPP’s virtual exchange program. In this webinar you will learn how a GAVE enables you to offer your students a cultural exchange with a partner school in Germany without travelling, and about the framework, materials, and support available to teachers in this free program.

May 10 (Tuesday), 2022 5-6 pm ET 
Register here.

Immerse-U exchange platform webinars

GAVE is offering participating schools a free access to a virtual platform ImmerseU that is specifically designed for cross-cultural exchanges and complies with all U.S. and E.U. privacy protection laws. All GAVE exchange activities are integrated into the platform and we are constantly adding new exchange topics there. If you would like to find out more about the advantages and capabilities of the ImmerseU platform and how you can conduct your GAVE exchange using it, join us for a webinar.

Future dates and registration links will be posted here.

GAPP webinars

Become a GAPP coordinator and take your students on an exciting trip to Germany, where they will get to know the language, culture, and everyday life of the partner country! We offer information workshops and scholarships and support you from start to finish. To find out more about how to lead an in-person transatlantic exchange, register for one of our upcoming webinars.

Dear teachers we will offer the next GAPP webinar on April 19th at 4 pm ET. Amy Perkins, a GAP Coordinator who already traveled this year will join us and will be happy to answer all of your questions regarding your upcoming trip.
Please register here.
Wednesday, May 11 4 pm ET  

Workshops for new GAPP schools

Are you thinking of starting a GAPP exchange but don't know how?

GAPP organizes three free regional workshops for prospective GAPP coordinators per year. These weekend-long workshops are geared towards teachers that want to learn practical details of starting a GAPP exchange at their school.

You will find more information about the workshops as well as the dates and registration details for the next workshop here.

German language courses

Teachers of subjects other than German as well as administrators wishing to learn German can apply to participate in one of the upcoming online courses offered by the Goethe-Institut. 

To apply for a full scholarship for the course from the German American Partnership Program, fill out this form and indicate that you are seeking a GAPP scholarship.

GAPP: Ready, Set, Deutsch!

We all know that German teachers spend quite a bit of time recruiting for their programs. Why not save yourself a bit of time? This free lesson plan is geared towards German teachers wishing to get elementary school students in their community excited about German. It has all the materials you need, including step by step instructions. So why wait? Just connect with an elementary school teacher, make copies, and show elementary school kids how fun German can be!

Additional resources

Concepts and materials

The Goethe-Institut is the world's leading provider of professional development for German teachers – in the USA, in Germany or via distance learning. It provides you with up-to-date teaching materials and interactive services.

Goethe-Institut services for German learners

Take advantage of Goethe-Institut's diverse services, events, and apps for German learners at all levels and of all ages!