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Our Coaching Packages

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One-on-one counseling and guidance from a Goethe-Institut trained coach allows you to get the professional support you need: at your own pace, within your familiar environment. Impartial, compassionate and active listeners, our coaches consult exclusively in German, which is an added benefit to the optimized performance and increased self-confidence.

Our Coaching Packages
Book a Coach
  • Professional Support
  • Tailored to Your Needs
  • Empowering

Our Coaching Packages

Most Popular
Lesson Planning © Géza G. Schenk

Lesson Planning

How do I plan a successful lesson from A to Z, with clear tasks and targets? How does backward planning work? How do I support autonomous learning? How do I best keep time? This comprehensive package will make you an even better teacher.
Curriculum Planning © Géza G. Schenk

Curriculum Planning

How do I design a curriculum that corresponds not only the ACTFL World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages and Common Core State Standards, but that also reflects the latest state-of-the-art instructional design in teaching German?
Materials for Teaching © Géza G. Schenk

Materials for Teaching

Our coaches will analyze your instructional materials, give you feedback on their effectiveness, and suggest age-appropriate learning platforms and resources.
Virtual Instruction © Géza G. Schenk

Virtual Instruction

How do I plan an authentic, task-based virtual instruction? How can I guarantee the inclusion of all students? Our coaches will work with you on how to motivate your students to interact with each other in the target language in the virtual realm.

How does the Coaching Program Work?


  • Decide which coaching package is a best fit for your needs. If you are unsure, we offer a complimentary consultation, either via email, phone or videochat ajkuna.hoppe@goethe.de

    Tabs © Dominik Hafner
  • Booking

    Once you've decided which package best fits your needs, fill out the online application form for the desired package. Currently we are offering substantial discounts for each package.

    Häkchen © Dominik Hafner
  • Would you like to work with a specific coach? If so, request your coach by email.

    Räder © Dominik Hafner
  • Coaching (Phase 1-3)

    Illustration „Coaching“ © Dominik Hafner
  • The Goethe-Institut will issue a certificate, to be counted towards professional development credits at your institution

    Illustration „Zertifikat“ © Dominik Hafner

Project Lead +1 (212) 439 8704 Ajkuna Hoppe ajkuna.hoppe@goethe.de

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