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I come from Bremen, a port and Hanseatic city in the North of Germany. After finishing school, I moved to Münster/Westphalia, where I began to study art history and Romance languages. I completed these studies in Paris, France with a Master’s degree and worked in the art trade. I moved then to Ann Arbor, Michigan in the U.S. There I went back to school and obtained a teaching certificate for German and French, which I taught for many years at Saline High School. Since 2013, I teach at the University of Michigan in the School of Education, where I train future world language teachers in a team of instructors.
Since I really love this job so much, I would like to put my experience and expertise as a world language teacher and trainer to good use as a Coach for the Goethe-Institut. I love foreign languages, which opens up the possibility to communicate with people from all different cultures. To encourage and support German teachers in their sometimes difficult but wonderful job would be a great pleasure for me.

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