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Scholarships for Summer Schools in the USA

German teachers at american schools and universities participating in a DaF professional development program offered by a US summer school may apply for a 500 USD stipend from the Goethe-Institut. These stipendends are awarded independently of the costs of the summer school; proof of attendance in the form of a registration confirmation and participation certificate is required.

The application deadline has now passed. You will be informed of the decision (accept/regret) by June 15th 2019.

Teachers of German at school or college level who have signed up for a summer teachers' professional development programms at one of the German summer schools in the USA.
  • Sign up for a teacher’s professional development program at one of the summer schools in the USA. 
  • Apply for the Goethe-Institut’s $500 scholarship by May 15 of each year. You will need the confirmation of registration from the summer school for the application. 
    Application form
  • If awarded the scholarschip, the Goethe-Institut will inform you by June 15
  • After you’ve finished the summer programm, please send the Goethe-Institut in Washington DC ( your certificate of participation. 
  • Upon receiving the certificate, the Goethe-Institut will send you the check of $500 within the next 3 weeks.
Application Deadline: May 15th 2019

Application form
For all questions regarding the summer schools scholarships, please contact:

Teacher Service
Goethe-Institut Washington DC

Summer Schools in the U.S.

The following summer schools in the U.S. are offering professional development courses for German teachers in 2019:

Deutsche Woche in Bar Harbour
College of the Atlantic: Bar Harbor, ME
Sun., 07/21 - Sat., 7/27 2019

Kunst im Deutschunterricht: Teaching German through Art
Application Form Bar Harbour
Deutsche Sommerschule am Pazifik
Portland State University: Portland, OR
Wed., 07/24– Thu., 08/01 2019

Teacher Training: A German only intensive immersion experience for German language instructors at all levels.

Deutsche Sommerschule von New Mexiko
The University of New Mexiko: Taos, NM
Tuesday, 06/04 - Fri., 07/05 2019 – You may attend only the second half of the session.

The German Summer School of New Mexico is offering two teacher training seminars in summer of 2019: 
  • Spielen: theoretisch, literarisch, pädagogisch (1 credit hour)
  • Die Berliner Mauer und das geteilte Deutschland in Literatur und Film (1 credit hour)
Summer German Graduate Program
Millersville University: Millersville, VT

Aspects of Contemporary Germany - "We can do it:" Representations of Refugees in German-Speaking Countries (Blended)
Online: Mon, 06/24- Fr., 07/19
On campus: 6/26, 6/27, 7/17, 7/18

Evolution of the German Language (Blended)
Online: Mon, 06/24- Fr., 07/19
On campus: 6/24, 6/25, 7/15, 7/16 
Middlebury German Summer Language School
Middlebury College: Middlebury, VT
Tuesday, July 2 – Fri., Aug. 16, 2019

The German School:
6-week language school