Developing Intercultural Competence

Successful language acquisition consists of incorporating both linguistic and cultural competency. Intercultural learning allows for critical, self-reflective interaction with one’s own and other cultures. The building blocks of intercultural learning encompass pedagogical activities in which students develop an appreciation of culture-specific artifacts, behaviors, and attitudes.

Basic module 

  • What do the terms "intercultural competence" and "communicative competence" mean? 
  • What is the relationship between linguistic and cultural competence?  
  • How can these skills be developed using intercultural tandems?
  • Which activities allow students to interact with their own culture and other cultures in a self-reflective and critical way? 
Supplementary module 1 – Intercultural pedagogy 
  • Specific options for instruction  
  • Adaptation of existing teaching materials 
  • Instructional activities to develop intercultural communicative competence 
Supplementary module 2 – Evaluating intercultural competence
  • Evaluation tools, modes, and criteria for intercultural learning (journals, portfolios, projects, role playing, etc.)