Media Digital media support a variety of teaching and learning goals. They can help create an environment that encourages communication in German, a more sophisticated use of language, and authentic contact with native speakers. These media also assist in the collaborative creation of texts and can make student work accessible to a wider audience far beyond the classroom.

Basic module 

  • What are the pedagogical advantages of media in the classroom? 
  • How do I choose media appropriate to my learning outcomes? 
  • How do I integrate media-based activities into communicative instruction?
  • How do I become more adept at using media in the classroom?
  • How do I enrich existing units through digital media?
  • How do I teach digital media competency, interacting securely and intelligently with digital media? 
Supplementary module 1 – Digital media resources
  • How can I educate my students to decode and interpret digital resources, such as digitized press, video, and audio? 
Supplementary module 2 – Using digital media to communicate 
  • How can I educate my students in the creative and interactive use of digital resources such as tablets, white boards, and smart phones?