German Language Advocacy

German Language Advocacy The many advantages to learning about German language and culture include access to study and employment options, travel and study abroad, acquiring general knowledge, and developing friendships. A key aspect of teacher training includes developing strategies to support German programs effectively and to secure the support of decision-makers. A robust, accredited German program requires collaboration with parents, inclusion of students, effective cooperation with school administrators, and public visibility and respect. 

Basic module 

  • Elevator Pitch: Creating convincing arguments for German
  • Overview of sources of information
  • Use of promotional materials 
Supplementary module 1 – Targeting parents
  • Creating convincing arguments 
  • Winning parents over as partners 
  • Successful event planning 
Supplementary module 2 – Targeting students 
  • Creating convincing arguments 
  • Students as "ambassadors" 
  • Event planning with students 
Supplementary module 3 – Targeting school administrators and guidance counselors 
  • Creating convincing arguments 
  • Strategies for successful collaboration 
  • German in higher educational and career choices
  • Support for 21st Century Skills, STEM and Common Core 
  • Scholarships and other programs for support 
Supplementary module 4 – Targeting the public and businesses 
  • Creating convincing arguments 
  • Public presence and visibility of the program
  • Businesses as partners 
  • Working with the media 
Supplementary module 5 – Establishing German programs 
  • Creating convincing arguments
  • Teachers and administrators as "ambassadors" 
  • Organizing events with parents, administrators, and the public
  • Establishing networks (Goethe-Institute, German Language Advisors, AATG, politicians, businesses)