Angelika Becker

Angelika Becker
Carmel High School

8718 Powderhorn Ct.
Indianapolis, IN 46256
+1 317 845-0878 Home
+1 317 985-2787 Cell

Department Head, World Language department
German teacher

My Individual Workshop Topics

  • Children and Youth Literature and Stations
    Can active learning and learning station be combined with "multiple intelligenges"? Then answer is, of course. In this workshop participants will learn how to adapt the strategies presented to their own practices and classrooms.
  • Unit Development using Backward Design
    In this workshop, participants will leave with an understanding on how to develop their own units that can be tied to a text book, but don’t have to be. The unit may be based on a cultural topic, a film, a book, art, music, etc. Formulating essential questions will be part of the workshop as well as developing meaningful formative and summative assessments.
Why I am a Trainer
Training teachers, sharing what works for me, learning from my colleagues is one of the most important aspects of teaching for me. Therefore, I really enjoy being part of the Trainer Network. It allows me to do what I like best: Teaching and learning.