Astrid Ronke

Astrid Ronke
Grossmont College, World Languages Department
German American School Association of Southern California
10795 Avenida Playa Veracruz
San Diego, CA 92124
+1 858 573-1517
+1 858 414-6340

Professor of German
Pedagogical Advisor (GASA)
Liaison for the German Language Advisor, Southwest Region

My Standard Workshop Topics
Communication Modes

Art as a Hook for Oral Communication and Writing in German Language Teaching
How can art postcards, photographs and paintings help you to teach speaking, writing and cultural knowledge, as well as enhance and energize standard topics for the German classroom? Participants will try out exercises and activities “as students” and will receive materials and resources for different language levels.

Wozu all das Theater? Drama-Oriented Activities as an Effective Tool in the German Language Classroom
Drama-oriented activities are effective ways to stimulate both sides of the brain – the cognitive as well as the affective/emotional – and optimize foreign language acquisition. In this interactive session, teachers will experience how simple drama-oriented techniques and exercises can be integrated into daily German instruction without special theater training.

Anders Anfangen!
Warm-up activities for the body, mind, and soul Do you need fresh and effective ideas to start off your class and get your students in the mood for language learning? In this interactive session, the presenter will provide you with examples of physical, vocal, and mental activities using drama techniques, visuals, and music and discuss criteria for selecting and designing warm-up activities.

Ideas that work! Innovative Exercises and Activities for German Conversation Classes
Conversation courses need to stay fresh, interesting and creative and practice the language through different learning modes. In this interactive session, you will try out fresh communication exercises for practical topics on different levels.

Learning German with Body, Mind, and Soul!
Looking for fresh and unique ideas to enhance your students learning and energize your German classes? In this hands-on interactive session, presenters will share creative activities addressing not only the mind but also the body and emotions of the learners, using drama techniques, visuals and music.
I love to be a Trainer, because by sharing our knowledge, materials, and experience, we can then help others to offer effective, motivating and current German lessons and become the best advocate for German at their learning institution.