Beate Brunow

Beate Brunow
Wofford College
Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
429 N Church Street, Olin 115C.
Spartanburg, SC 29303
+1 864 597-4508

Assistant Professor of German
Coordinator of the German Program and the Gender Studies Program

My Individual Workshop Topics

  • The Scholarship of Teaching and LearningThe Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
    Workshop topics range from rubric development to classroom management, developing assessment plans and student feedback on instruction, and syllabus design.
  • Collaboration between K-12 and Higher Education 
    Collaboration between K-12 and Higher Education
    This workshop discusses the benefits and pitfalls of collaboration and opens spaces for teachers of all institutions to think about the bright spots in their programs (great teachers, strong parent support, surrounding community, student leaders, service learning or civic engagement programs etc.), and how they can share these bright spots with those of other programs to build stronger German programs at both institutions.
Ich bin gerne Trainer/in, weil…
Ich bin eine Trainerin, weil Arbeit in gemeinschaftlichen, innovativen und kollegialen Gruppen mich motiviert. Kontinuierliche berufliche Weiterbildung ist mir wichtig und ich freue mich, wenn ich das, was wir als Goethe Trainer lernen und entwickeln mit anderen Kolleg/innen teilen kann.