Katharina Häusler-Gross

Katharina Häusler-Gross © Katharina Häusler-Gross Katharina Häusler-Gross 
Aquinas College
German Studies Program 
Department of World Languages
1607 Robinson Rd. SE
Academic Building 9C
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506 
+1 616 632-2122 

Professor, German Studies and Foreign Language Methodology
Coordinator, German Studies Program and German Study Abroad Programs
Vice-President, AATG Michigan

My Individual Workshop Topics
Examples of the workshops and presentations I have given can be found on my LinkedIn Profile under “Projects” :
Curriculum Development at the College Level
Innovative Strategies to Develop and Sustain (Small) German Programs
Sustainable Projects in Foreign Language Learning (The German Forest, STEM & German)
Teaching (East) German Culture through (DEFA) Films
Fostering Global Competence Through Study Abroad Programs
Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Approaches in the FL Classroom
The Role of Play and Playing in the FL Classroom
The Flipped Classroom in FL Instruction: Examples and Results

Why I am a Trainer
Teaching and learning are two sides of one coin, that are equally fostered, developed, and promoted by the Trainernetzwerk. The engaging and practical seminars and workshops, the exchange of ideas and stimulating collaboration with colleagues, the joint experience of working on and implementing innovative teaching projects, and the opportunity to share newly gained knowledge and ready-to-use ideas with colleagues across the field – all these are worthwhile reasons for me to continue working as a Trainer!