Rachel J. Halverson

​Rachel Halverson © ​Rachel Halverson Rachel J. Halverson
Department of Foreign Languages & Cultures
Washington State University
P.O. Box 642610, WSU
Pullman, WA 99164-2610
+1 509 335-4361

Associate Professor of German and Marianna Merritt & Donald S. Matteson
Distinguished Professor in Foreign Languages and Culture

My Individual Workshop Topics
Youth Culture in Film: Vampires, Blood and Eternal Life
Images of the Wende: Drama Pedagogy and Illustrated Books
Children, Culture, and Creativity: Illustrated Books in Class
Berlin: City, Images and Texts
Coffee, Cake and Bach: How to bring Stories Alive with Music
Yesterday and Today or How to Motivate Students to Listen to Classical Music

Why I am a Trainer
I am a Trainer because I am an engaged foreign language educator who wants to “pay it forward” by sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with colleagues and students alike.