Saskia Hintz

Saskia Hintz, Ph.D.
University of Colorado-Boulder
Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
276 UCB, MKNA 225B
Boulder, CO 80309-0276
+1 303 682-2982

Senior Instructor of German
Coordinator of the Advanced Language Program and Business German
AATG Professional Development Consultant
Supervisor of High School Internship

My Individual Workshop Topics
Teaching through Art: Creative Speaking and Writing in the Classroom and in Museum
Literature and Creative Writing in the German Classroom
Wenn einer eine Reise tut: The Topic of Travel in the German Classroom
Was ist die Mehrzahl von Heimat?: The Topic of Migration in the German Classroom
Gespräch über Bäume: The Topic of Nature in the German Classroom
YouTube, Yabla & Co: Short Films in the German Classroom

Why I am a Trainer
I am a Trainer, because I enjoy professional exchange with colleagues and hope to provide teachers with new ideas for their classrooms through my workshops.