German Dual Language Programs

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On the way to success with German!

In the past decade we have been witnessing a rising interest in bilingual education among parents and education administrators and, as a result, a significant increase of bilingual programs in public, private and charter schools across the country. The project “German Dual Language Programs” was born out of a clear need to provide a central informational portal and a meeting point for everyone involved in establishing or running German immersion programs as part of formal educational system in the U.S.

The current website addresses three distinct groups of stakeholders -- school administrators, parents, and teachers – and pursues the following goals:

  • to present superintendents and principals with compelling arguments for introducing a German dual language program in their district or school as well as with practical guidelines and resources for this undertaking;
  • to provide parent initiative groups with the tools for working with their school district on establishing a German dual language program;
  • to provide parents – German-speaking or not – with an array of online high quality resources to support their child’s German language learning outside of school;
  • to help teachers locate teaching materials, curriculum models and pedagogical guidelines that reflect current best practices in the field of bilingual education;
  • to facilitate connections among the growing number of German dual language immersion programs for the purposes of sharing expertise and materials. 
We hope that each group will find up-to-date and relevant information in one of the three sections of this portal. We also invite teachers and principals to enter their German dual language program in the school directory and establish contacts to other programs, both decades-old and brand new.

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