Starting a dual language program
Resources for administrators

Program models

What are the typical curricular models for dual language programs? How much instructional time is devoted to each language? What subject areas are taught in which language? Find out how different models can fit your context and how one state is answering those questions across multiple programs.

Starting a dual language program: Guide for Administrators

What are the key issues to consider when starting a dual language program? Here you find an extensive list of steps necessary for introducing a program to your school or district as well as suggestions for partners who can help you along the way.

Quality standards: checklist for administrators

What are the characteristics of a high quality dual language program? This checklist allows you to consider administrative, pedagogical, and community-related issues relevant to the integration of a dual language program into your school.

Program outcomes

What will your students be able to do at different stages of the program? How will their second language skills develop along the four modalities of speaking, listening, reading and writing? Sample Can-do descriptors and grade level expectations acoording to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines can help answer these questions. See how other German immersion programs measure their students' achievement.

Comprehensive information and resources for administrators initiative has a comprehensive guide on how to implement and sustain a dual language immersion program with a wealth of further resources and materials, including a nation-wide database of dual language programs in a variety of languages.

What administrators say