Materials for teacher development

Materials sets for teacher workshops

The materials presented here were created by members of the Goethe-Institut’s Trainer Network – a group of experienced instructors collaborating with the Goethe-Institut on teacher development projects.

The materials can be used in two ways: 1) as a basis for a 3- or 6-hour interactive teacher workshop that you may wish to offer to your German teaching colleagues or 2) as a self-study unit for anyone interested in the topic.

Each self-contained set of materials includes a presentation, detailed instructions for a workshop leader on how to prepare for and conduct the workshop (including a step-by-step plan and participant activities), and accompanying  worksheets and materials.

This 3-hour workshop enables teachers to foster language development of individual learners through the concept of differentiated instruction. Workshop participants discuss various aspects of learner diversity and then focus on challenges of teaching students with a wide range of language abilities in the same classroom. Taking J. Cummins’ Student Support Schema as a departing point, participants get hands-on experience in manipulating task parameters, such as degrees of complexity and amount of scaffolding, in order to tailor them to specific learning goals and language abilities of individual learners in a diverse student group.
Based on a theoretical framework, this 3 to 5-hour workshop will show participants how different societies are in terms of values, behaviors and traditions, with the goal of developing intercultural sensitivity among both teachers and learners and of acquiring methods to deal with intercultural misunderstandings. The participants complete various tasks in different group forms, which they can subsequently use in their own classrooms. Among other things, the participants work on different definitions of culture and cultural dimensions, evaluate communication difficulties based on intercultural differences, and reflect on selected examples on the topic of "intercultural differences" through self-awareness. The workshop can be expanded up to 5 hours to include a practical component of revising one’s own teaching unit and exchanging ideas on how to integrate intercultural sensitivity training into the German classroom.

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