Training Seminars in Germany

 At each of the 10-day summer training seminars, ten teacher tandems (consisting of one German and one STEM teacher) from the USA will participate. Experts from the field of Sustainability will serve to foster the participants’ understanding and provide insight into the practical implementation of Education for Sustainable Development.
The program includes excursions to schools and other educational centers, technical discussions and the creation of original projects and materials. Information about the seminars will be disseminated at the beginning of the year, and will be open to German and STEM teachers from all schools types.

The content of the seminars address the various subject areas of sustainability. 


Teachers who took part in the training seminar in Germany, present their projects and materials here. We have archived past Webinars, so you may view them anytime and use the created materials. Participation in the Webinars is free.

Internationale Fachkonferenz „Sustainability Matters“

 On October 3, 2015, experts and speakers from Germany and the USA presented the current state of research regarding Sustainability and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The conference provided a hands-on approach to ESD. Various outreach programs, best-practice examples of designing and implementing projects for students, and integrating new perspectives in the classroom and/or the whole school were presented.

Participants from all over the US were presented with a comprehensive overview of the different fields of ESD and were updated on the latest research. The experts gave new impulses as well as strengthened the participants’ motivation to connect teaching sustainability with their own subject (German, STEM, etc.) and work across the curricula.
“Sustainability Matters!” offered the unique opportunity to increase technical knowledge about sustainability-related issues (such as energy, climate, water, and biodiversity). At the same time, the participants learned about how practical and easy it is to integrate sustainability into their daily life.
In the afternoon, various Chicago organizations presented their sustainability-related outreach programs and highlighted best practice examples.