German and STEM

Windmills © Goethe-Institut

German and STEM: A winning combination!

Sustainability Tree © Goethe-Institut For mathematicians, computer-scientists, engineers, technicians, as well as experts in the field of sustainability, Germany offers a broad range of opportunities when it comes to higher education and career.

The inclusion of STEM content in the German language classroom, and conversely the thematization of Germany in STEM classes provides students with not only general language skills, but also builds their technical vocabulary.

The German-STEM Projects of the Goethe-Institut USA

  • focus on interdisciplinary sustainable education
  • gets students excited about German language while simultaneously imparting subject specific content 
  • can be implemented at various levels.

Slogan of the Sustainability Summit: Water, Energy, Climate, Consumption © Goethe-Institut

Sustainability Summit 2019

What will we need to thrive as we make the shift toward a sustainable future?  Learn more about the similarities, the meaning of diversity, multiple perspectives and about links between STEM and German.

Aqua Agenten (c) German School

Aqua Agents

School children on water mission: The Aqua Agents project from Hamburg is now underway in the US!
With this project, they learn to approach water in new and unusual ways to understand what a valuable resource it is.

  Teaching Sustainability Goethe-Institut

Teaching Sustainability

This project unites German and STEM teachers under the umbrella of Sustainability.
It promotes the implementation of sustainability issues in the classroom, exchange of knowledge, learning from best practice, and working across the curricula. The project gives teacher teams the opportunity to be trained about various sustainability topics (i.e.water, energy, climate, and consumption) by experts in Germany.

PASCH Goethe-Institut

PASCH German STEM Workshop

PASCH-schools have excellent German and STEM-programs. How can German teachers integrate STEM disciplines such as math, physics, biology and chemistry into their German lessons and collaborate with their colleagues? Teachers dealt with this question during the PASCH workshop German and STEM at the Goethe-Institut Washington.