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KUM landing page© Goethe-Institut

Concepts and materials

Designed for teachers of German and leaders in education, this site features carefully curated free-of-charge materials for face-to-face and remote instruction, as well as the latest information on our professional development programs and educational initiatives for teachers and students. If applicable, materials are categorized according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Get acquainted with the work of the Goethe-Institut and learn about our mission and educational programs in the United States

Kinder mit Buechern © Colourbox

German for children

Playfully introduce students from pre-K to 5th grade to the German language and assist them in making first steps in communicating in German. 

Jugendliche lachen © Colourbox

German for young learners

Age-appropriate projects and materials to incite curiosity for middle and high school students at all language levels from beginning to advanced.

Beruf und Studium quadrat © Colourbox

German for work and study

Be a strong supporter to your students, as they explore theirs paths to a career with German and/or in Germany. 

Self-guided prof development © Goethe-Institut

Professional development for teachers

Learn about our latest professional development programs and download self-guided trainings for yourself and your colleagues. 

Deutsch für Studium © Goethe-Institut

Methodological concepts

CLIL, CEFR? Explore theory and methodology of German language teaching and how they can be applied in your classroom. 

Lehrer auf der Treppe quad © Colourbox

Educational programs in the U.S.

Partner up with the Goethe-Institut USA, Germany's leading cultural organization, to strengthen German programs and promote foreign language instruction at your institution.