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Jugendliche A1-A2© Colourbox

German for young learners
Levels A1-A2

This page features carefully curated free-of-charge teaching materials for students in middle and high schools, grades 6-12, categorized according to the A1-A2 levels of the European Common Framework of Reference (CEFR). For theoretical concepts and advice on methodology, visit our methodology page

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Contemporary Germany

 @Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung/Harald Hauswald


Explore 100+ videos with historians, filmmakers and activists as they take a fresh look on German Reunification. Attend our lecture series about youth cultures in the GDR, ask our experts whether walls work or not and discuss with them about the limits and advantages of democracies. Also: Design your own utopia. 

U-Haeppchen crop © Goethe-Institut

U- Häppchen

Bite size, one page interactive PDFs about the latest news from the German speaking world, for immediate download and use in distance learning instruction. 

Step into Germany © Goethe-Institut


Explore Germany's vibrant cities, take a geography challenge, listen to popcasts, and enter to win awards in student contests on contemporary topics from Germany.

Berlin Alexanderplatz © Panthermedia / Jens Ickler

Explore Germany

Interactive Whiteboard templates (Smart, Notebook) on ten German cities for student-centered instruction on German culture and geography. 

CyberCypher screenshot © Olad Aden

CyberCypher NYC/Berlin

Follow the virtual collaboration between young hip-hop artists from Berlin and New York. See them navigate new mediums, create lyrics, make songs and shoot videos - and ask them questions about their creative process!


Learning with social media and apps

Deutsch für dich Photo: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias

Deutsch für dich

Encourage your students to network and communicate with over 560.000 German learners worldwide! In addition to networking, they will find plenty of exercises to help them learn German free of charge. 

App: Stadt der Wörter © Goethe-Institut

App: Stadt der Wörter

A multiplayer game for beginner German students. In the ficticious "City of Words", students collect new words, use them in everyday situations, and test their skills in short games with other players. 

Deutschtrainer A1-App, Goethe-Institut

Vocabulary trainer App

This vocabulary trainer for German beginner students helps practice and improve German skills by adding new words, even on the go! 

heisse Kartoffel teaser © Goethe-Institut


A multiplayer game. How long can you hold a hot potato in your hand? Train vocabulary, grammar, and general knowledge about Germany, take quizzes and compete against other players from around the world. 

deutschlandflug © Goethe-Institut

App: Deutsch.Land.Flug

Fly over Germany. Get to know 26 German cities from above and at the street level, explore German culture and inventions, and learn about how to build basic sentences in German. 

unsere Strasse © Goethe-Institut

Unsere Strasse

Interactive website to practice German in everyday situations: school, shopping, household chores, conversing with parents, neighbors and much more. 

Music and art

Step into German © Goethe-Institut


Find out which German artists are hot. Keep tabs on your favorite band. Check out the latest chart-climber. Watch music videos, vote for the songs that you and your students like best. You will determine what next month’s charts will look like! 

Fritz Ascher and Expressionism

Interactive PDF explores the expressionist movement in the arts through the life and work of German-Jewish artist Fritz Ascher. Includes a  90 min. workshop for teachers. 


Theresa's Music: Lina, LEA, Yvonne Catterfeld

Theresa shares her favorite music with German learners. The 10-year-old girl introduces you to music by Lina, Lea, and Yvonne Catterfeld. 

Forster PASCH © PASCH-net / Andrea Gehwolf

Till's Music: Marc Forster

Till shares his favorite music with German learners. The 12-year-old invites you to explore the music of Marc Forster. 

Social studies and history

we lived on miracles @GISNY

We lived on Miracles- Stories of Holocaust Survivors

What can we learn from the past for our present? This bilingual textbook (German & English) for students in grades 5-12, features the oral histories of seven Holocaust survivors, gathered by students of the German International School New York (GISNY).  As a remembrance project, this book was produced by 7th graders in cooperation with two local Jewish organizations, the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center and Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester, the Penguin Random House publishing house, the Goethe-Institut, and the German Consulate General New York.
Download PDF "We lived on Miracles"   Download Guide for teachers about how to use the textbook in your classroom.


Berlin blockade and airlift

How did the events of the Berlin airlift unfold over 70 years ago? Who were the actors? This project breakes down history for German beginners. It includes an interactive PDF for student-centered learning and a 90 minute workshop plan for teachers. 


Peaceful Revolution: Fall of the Berlin Wall

This multimedia brochure narrates the Fall of the Berlin Wall and everyday life in the former GDR from the perspective of two eyewitnesses. It is designed as an interactive PDF in English and includes quizzes and opportunities to learn German words. 

TOP Banner © Goethe-Institut / Bernhard Ludewig

Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP)

A public/private partnership program, TOP is a leading provider of curriculum and study tours relevant to contemporary Germany for specific multiplier groups in North America, specifically social studies educators, STEM educators, and decision makers.

Identity and diversity

Heftseite © Sarah Blesener


Multimedia teaching materials allow you to discuss queer history in your German class, talk about identity and discrimination, past and current protest movements, as well as gender diversity and equality.

Pride Haeppchen © Flickr.com/Photoheuristic.info

Pride Month

This small interactive PDF allows your students to discuss issues of identity and diversity during Pride month and beyond. 

Your students deserve the world - start with Germany! GAPP - The German American Partnership Program. Foto: GAPP / B. Ludewig

Colorful diversity

Explore diversity in your family, friend circles and school with materials from the German American Partnership Program (GAPP).

Worksheet for Students    
Lesson Plan for Teachers

Film and video

Film SIG © Step into German


Welcome to the world of German cinema. Here you can watch short films, TV episodes, documentaries, and film excerpts. It’s a great way to get to know Germany and its people and to learn German the fun and easy way.

Filmrolle Foto: Goethe-Institut © Loredana La Rocca

Film in the German Classroom

Download teaching materials on six German movies: Wir sind jung. Wir sind stark; Who am I - Kein System ist sicher; Krabat; Kaddisch für einen Freund; Der ganz große Traum; Almanya - Willkommen in Deutschland.

Das Deutschlandlabor Grafik: Goethe-Institut und Deutsche Welle


Accompany David and Nina on their journey through Germany. 20 short videos about issues and trends in contemporary Germany. 

Everyday rituals

70 Tage Deutsch 70 Tage Deutsch

70 Tage Deutsch mit :)

Learn German in a playfull way - every day for 70 days! Interactive PDF allows easy online access. 

Feste PASCH © Marco Bräuning

Annual Rituals and Traditions

Christmas, Easter, birthdays, weddings… Which traditions and customs exist in Germany? On twelve calendar sheets you will find texts, pictures, cartoons, statistics, songs and much more. 

Kleidung PASCH © PASCH-net / Anne-Nikolin Hagemann

My favorite Clothing

How important is cool clothing to German students? Anna, Aven, Ishan, Jonas, Nicolaus, and Nina present their favorite pieces. 

Hobbys PASCH © Katja Hanke


Many young people play guitar or soccer in Germany. But what about others that have out-of-the ordinary hobbies? 

Geburtstag PASCH © PASCH-net

Celebrating birthdays

Pirate parties, trampolins, tons of sweets: Elena, Leonie, Julian, and Adrian show how children and young people in Germany cebrate their birthdays. 

Fasching PASCH © PASCH-net / Andrea Gehwolf


Mattis, Lina, Ben, and Nico tell us how they celebrate Fasching/Karneval and what kind of clothing they wear. 


Nachhaltigkeit SIG © Step into German


How can we live sustainably? Learn about the 17 goals drafted by the UN as a guideline for sustainable development and participate in competitions. 

Gruene Kinderakademie Logo © Goethe-Institut

Grüne Kinderakademie

45-minute virtual lectures with sustainability education experts. Accompanying materials for each lecture. 

David und Goliath U-Haeppchen @Jeff Jacobs/Pixabay

Becoming David

This interactive PDF uses the popular David against Goliath story to make students reflect on sustainability. 

Goethedenktgruen © Goethe-Institut


Every week #goethedenktgruen presents a new topic on environmental protection, with exciting tasks for students from the age of 14 and language level of A2.


Soccer SIG © Step into German


Podcasts, quizzes, Bundesliga total: Everthing you wanted to know about soccer mania in Germany. 

Lieblingssport PASCH © Marco Bräuning

Favorite Global Sports

Soccer is almost unequivocally loved around the world. But what about other sports? Students from India show in their videos what kind of sports they like. 

Klettern PASCH © PASCH-net / Andrea Gehwolf

My Sports

Theresa, Lars, Mattis, and Simon present their favorite sports. 

Soccer camp © Goethe-Institut

Learn German, play soccer, have fun!

Learn everything about soccer in one place! Teaching materials at A1 level: Vocabulary building, games, contests.
Soccer Camps Teaching Materials A1

girls soccer camp © Goethe-Institut

Learn German, play soccer, have fun!

Learn everyting about soccer in one place! Teaching materials at A2 level: vocabulary building, games, contests.
Soccer camps Teaching Materials A2

Student exchange

GAVE Online exchange materials © Goethe-Institut / Sonja Tobias

GAVE (German American Virtual Exchange)

Would you like to set up a virtual exchange between your students and students in Germany? GAVE's got you covered. Free of charge. 

German for your classroom

Buttons small © Goethe-Institut / Bettina Siegwart

Advertising Kits

Order standardized advertising kits: infomational brochures, printed material to help grow your German program, fun items to decorate your classroom or small prizes to motivate your students. 

Plakatausstellung teaser © Goethe-Institut

Poster exhibitions

Borrow poster exhibitions for your classroom. Free of charge. Topics: German fairy tales, inventions, geography or music. 

Glassblaeser BKD Kalender © ZB-FUNKREGIO OST; Fotograf: Matthias Bein (Ausschnitt)

Bildungskooperation Deutsch Calendar

Order your BKD calendar, with practice materials for every month. The 2020 calendar focuses on artisanal occupations. 

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