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Jugendliche B1-B2© Colourbox

German for young learners
Young learners B1-B2

This page features carefully curated free-of-charge teaching materials for students in middle and high schools, grades 6-12, categorised according to the B1-B2 levels of the European Common Framework of Reference (CEFR). For theoretical concepts and advice on methodology, visit our methodology page

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Learning with social media and apps

Deutsch für dich Photo: Goethe-Institut/Sonja Tobias

Deutsch für dich

Encourage your students to network and communicate with over 560,000 German learners worldwide! In addition to networking, they will find plenty of exercises to help them learn German free of charge. 

Nachhaltlich APP GIZ, Gmbh


A multiplayer game. Play and win together NachhaltlCH (sustainably). A good deed every day is the motto of this app that provides a playful approach to sustainability. 

Internet PASCH © PASCH-net

Teens and Internet

Play games, talk about social media platforms, listen to music, and watch videos: Jakob, Jonathan, and Marie-Sophie tell their stories about surfing the internet. 


Nachhaltigkeit SIG © Step into German


How can we live sustainably? Learn about the 17 goals drafted by the UN as a guideline for sustainable development and participate in competitions. 

Baeume © Colourbox

Carbon dioxide compensation

Get to know initiatives that focus on compensating CO2 generated by individuals - for instance during traveling - with donations to projects on climate change. 

Startups PASCH © PASCH-net

Sustainable Start-ups

Audio, texts, and transcripts of interviews with young enterpreneurs of sustainable start-ups. 

WEinanbau PASCH © Katja Hanke

Environmental issues in my country

What climate issues are important to young people? What can they do to address them? Four 12th grade students from a school in South Africa present their ideas. 

Wie gut ist lecker? ©Goethe-Institut Boston

Wie gut ist lecker?

Interactive student worksheets and student contest about sustainablity and food.

Music and film

Step into German © Goethe-Institut


Videos, podcasts, worksheets on music, film, football, sustainability, and Germany! Up-to-date materials for immediate use in the classroom. Levels: A1- B1.

Film SIG © Step into German


Welcome to the world of German cinema. Here you can watch short films, TV episodes, documentaries, and film excerpts. It’s a great way to get to know Germany and its people and to learn German the fun and easy way.

nico music moop mama © PASCH-net / Andrea Gehwolf

Meine Musik: Moop Mama

Nico (17) presents Moop Mama, his beloved brass band from Munich. They are great! He likes the song themes. Download audio files, songs, interview texts. 

Bas Böttcher ©Bas Böttcher_Felix Warmuth

Poetry Slam

Video tutorials for using poetry slam in the German classroom by Berlin-based slam poet Bas Böttcher . 

Health and sports

Soccer SIG © Step into German


Podcasts, quizzes, Bundesliga total: Everthing you wanted to know about soccer mania in Germany. 

Unfall PASCH © PASCH-net / Nina Tines

Health care system

What happens when you get sick in Germany? How does the health care system work? Jonas had a minor accident as he was skateboarding. Follow him on his way to the hospital. 

ernaehrung PASCH © PASCH-net

Healthy eating habits

What does it mean to have healthy eating habits? Young German students explore the topic in school and in their free time to learn. Download audio files, texts, and interview transcripts. 

Sport in alltag PASCH © Freepik (Ausschnitt)

Sport every day

About 27 milion people participate in 90,000 sports clubs throughout Germany. They dance, do gymnstics or row because they like movement. Young people tell about why they are passionate about sports. 


Heftseite © Sarah Blesener


Multimedia teaching materials allow you to discuss queer history in your German class, talk about identity and discrimination, past and current protest movements, as well as gender diversity and equality.

Integrationsprojekte PASCH © Stefan Vldimirov | Unsplash

Celebrate Togetherness

Explore three projects in which migrant and nonmigrant men and women cook together, do sports or learn German. 

Spracherwerb PASCH © PASCH-net

Language and Integration

Language and education play an important part in migrant integration. Khaled, Zozan, and Ayten talk about how they experienced their first encounters with German schools. 

Social studies and history

TOP Banner © Goethe-Institut / Bernhard Ludewig

Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP)

A public/private partnership program, TOP is a leading provider of curriculum and study tours relevant to contemporary Germany for specific multiplier groups in North America, specifically social studies educators, STEM educators, and decision makers.

Humboldt PASCH © PASCH-net / Nina Tines (Ausschnitt)

Alexander von Humboldt

It is the 250th anniversary of Alexander von Humboldt! Four German students from Colegio Humboldt in San José, Costa Rica, tell their stories about what Humboldt means to them. Download audiofiles, texts, and interview transcripts. 

Zusammenwohnen PASCH © PASCH-net / Ananda Rani Bräunig

Living together

Shahzoda and Sobira tell you about living together in a so called "Student*innen-WG". 

Student exchange

GAVE Online exchange materials © Goethe-Institut / Sonja Tobias

GAVE (German American Virtual Exchange)

Would you like to set up a virtual exchange between your students and students in Germany? GAVE's got you covered. Free of charge. 

German for your classroom

Buttons small © Goethe-Institut / Bettina Siegwart

Advertising Kits

Order standardized advertising kits: infomational brochures, printed material to help grow your German program, fun items to decorate your classroom or small prizes to motivate your students. 

Plakatausstellung teaser © Goethe-Institut

Poster exhibitions

Borrow poster exhibitions for your classroom. Free of charge. Topics: German fairy tales, inventions, geography or music. 

Glassblaeser BKD Kalender © ZB-FUNKREGIO OST; Fotograf: Matthias Bein (Ausschnitt)

Bildungskooperation Deutsch Calendar

Order your BKD calendar, with practice materials for every month. The 2020 calendar focuses on artisanal occupations. 

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