Fritz Ascher: Expressionist

 Fritz Ascher

To Live is to Blaze with Passion

Introducing themes related to the arts in the German classroom can be quite a challenge, especially for students with limited knowledge of German. What´s more, motivating students to tackle complex aesthetic and historical questions- using basic vocabulary, may at times appear as an insurmountable task.

The life and work of Fritz Ascher (1893- 1970), a German-Jewish Expressionist artist, who survived two World Wars and persecution by the National Socialists, and developed his own artistic voice in drawing, paintings and poems is at the center of the interactive teaching materials that can be downloaded free of charge. They are intended for elementary students of German (A1 level) and can be used with guidance by teachers  or independently by students outside the German classroom.

Use the Fritz Ascher booklet in your distance learning class! The booklet is designed as an interactive PDF, which you can send to your students to complete and have them send it back to you for grading.

Workshop for German teachers: