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What are the U- Häppchen? 

  •  Bite size, one page interactive PDFs for immediate download and use in your classroom 
  •  One image/video and three to four interconnected tasks 
  •  For German beginner students in Middle/High Schools  (Level A1-A2)
  •  Published every month 
  •  Get the latest news from the German speaking world combined with authentic, student-oriented tasks


March (I) 2021

Everyone talks about the COVID-19 vaccine nowadays. What does it look like in your community?
Download Interactive PDF "Impfen gegen Covid"

U Häppchen Black History Month Flickr.com_Bündnis90_DieGrünenLVSchleswig-Holstein

February (III) 2021

In celebration of Black History Month, get to know German politician Aminata Touré.  Download Interactive PDF "Schwarze Deutsche"

Fit im Winter Forster

February (II) 2021

What winter sports are popular in the US and Germany? What can you do to stay fit in the winter season? Download Interactive PDF "Fit im Winter"

Februar Häppchen Flickr.com_Axel V

February (I) 2021

The fifth season is here! How is carnival celebrated in Germany in 2021? How do you celebrate? Download Interactive PDF "Karneval"



Food waste is a big issue in the 21 century. What steps can you take to reduce food waste?
Download Interactive PDF Wie viel Essen kommt in den Müll?

Neujahrhäppchen Lammel

January (I) 2021

How is the new year celebrated in Germany? How did you celebrate New Year and what do you wish for 2021? Download Interactive PDF Ein neues Jahr


Dezember Häppchen

December (I) 2020

December is a month of many holidays, in Germany, as well as in the United States. Which ones do you celebrate? Download Interactive PDF "Ein Monat- viele Feste"

Streetart in Berlin @Ilka Rasch


What to do when museums are closed? Visit Berlin and its diverse street art.
Download Interactive PDF "Streetart in Berlin"

Oktober Häppchen Tyskar

October (II) 2020

What can you do to fight racism? Are students in Germany as interested in protesting against racism as in the US? Download interactive PDF "Gegen Rassismus"

Sport Häppchen Oktober @Colourbox

October (I) 2020

How do you stay active in times of Corona? What kind of sports do students in Germany do at the moment?
Download Interactive Pdf Sport in Zeiten von Corona Wagner

September 2020 (II)

Youth and activism: How can young people engage actively in social issues? 

Download Interactive Pdf "Jugendaktivismus"

 @Kerstin Hämmerling

September 2020 (I)

School start! Online? Face-to-face? Hybrid? What does school start look like in Germany? 

Download Interactive Pdf "School Start"


June 2020 (II)

Identity, diversity and equality: Celebrating Pride Month. 

Download Interactive Pdf "Pride Monat"


June 2020 (I)

Dive into a breezy summer. 

Download Interactive Pdf "Sommer"

 © Krienke_Detmold

MAY 2020 (II)

The new normal: What are the new rules under Corona in Germany? 

Download Interactive Pdf "The New Normal"

  David & Goliath @Jeff Jacobs/Pixabay

MAY 2020 (III)

Sustainability approached through the David against Goliath story. 

Download Interactive Pdf "Becoming David"

Leere Stuehle © Krienke

May 2020 (I)

 "Leere Stühle": A campaign that started in mid-April in Dresden and spread throughout Germany. 
Download Interactive PDF Leere Stühle