Pilot Project ''After-School German''

After-School German at Ashford School, CT ©Goethe-Institut Boston/Ines Böhnert

Pilot Project „After-School German“

In 2018, the Goethe-Institut Boston, with professors and students of the University of Connecticut and three schools in Connecticut, launched the pilot project ''After-School German'' together. The participating schools were:

  • Ashford School (K – 8)
  • Independent Day School in Middlefield (K – 8)
  • Glastonbury High School 
None of the three schools offer German but all of them wished to integrate German into their after-school programming. Part of their desire was to focus on intercultural competence, and "global citizenship" played an important role in curricular development.
Six students of German at the University of Connecticut implemented the programs in the fall of 2018. The teaching materials were developed by a working group (of what?) and adapted for the different programs. After the pilot phase (of how long), these materials were revised and served as basis for the teaching materials of the ten-week program after-school program ''A Glimpse of German(y)''.

From the very start, this pilot project elicited a lot of interest, as it focuses on two fundamental questions of German language education in the US:
  • How do we support students interested in learning German at schools that do not offer this language?
  • How do we offer students of German at US-colleges the chance to learn more about their career prospects as a German language teacher?
After continuing the pilot project in 2019, the experiences and materials of this project came together in the national SPARK-project of the Goethe-Institut and the AATG.
Watch our film about the pilot project 2018 at Ashford School, CT.
We want to thank for their cooperation:
Manuela Wagner, University of Connecticut
Juntao Li, University of Connecticut
Maria Reger, University of Connecticut
Silke Gräfnitz, University of Connecticut
Onuwa Ugwuanyi, University of Connecticut
Michael Pfremmer, University of Connecticut
Britta Meredith, University of Connecticut
Sarah Farrell, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School
Petra Hundemer-Friedman, Goethe-Institut Boston
Carly Imhoff, Ashford School
Kate Craven, Ashford School
Troy Hopkins, Ashford School
Marijke Kehrhahn, Independent Day School
Rita Oleksak, Glastonbury High School
Jimmy Wildman, Glastonbury High School

This project was financed through funding by the Netzwerk Deutsch of the Foreign Ministry in Berlin and coordinated by Kerstin Hämmerling at Goethe-Institut Boston.