A Glimpse of German(y)

A Glimpse of German(y) ©Goethe-Institut Boston

A Glimpse of German(y)

The package "A Glimpse of German(y)'' was developed by the Goethe-Institut Boston in the continuation of the pilot project ''After-School German''.

The ten-week program ''A Glimpse of German(y)'' is designed for students aged 10 through 14 from schools with and without regular German programs and can be implemented as part of an existing German curriculum as an introductory program or within an after-school program. The aim is to instill enthusiasm for foreign language learning through cultural topics and to sensitize students to intercultural questions through critical thinking and reflection. 

In ten theme-based sessions, students get a glimpse of the German language and culture. They discover the regional diversity of the German-speaking world, learn about a typical German school day, compare their hobbies to those of their German peers and learn that Döner is more popular in Germany than Schnitzel. These themes are organically combined with very basic German language acquisition and in the course of the program the children learn easy, useful phrases and words in German—numbers, colors, the days of the week, greetings, and much more.

The materials from ''A Glimpse of German(y)'' can be implemented in regular German classes at K-8 schools and are especially suitable as introductory programs and "taster courses" for students who have not yet taken German classes. The program can also be used in an extracurricular format as an after-schoolprogram.

Materials (free to download):

Session 1: Welcome to German(y)
Lesson Plan Session 1
Attachments Session 1
Image Word Cards Session 1
PowerPoint Slides Session 1

Session 2: Places in Germany
Lesson Plan Session 2
Attachments Session 2
Image Word Cards Session 2
PowerPoint Slides Session 2

Session 3: Food
Lesson Plan Session 3
Attachments Session 3
Image Word Cards Session 3
PowerPoint Slides Session 3

Session 4: Music
Lesson Plan Session 4
Attachments Session 4
PowerPoint Slides Session 4

Session 5: Hobbies
Lesson Plan Session 5
Attachments Session 5
Image Word Cards Session 5
PowerPoint Slides Session 5

Session 6: School
Lesson Plan Session 6
Attachments Session 6
Image Word Cards Session 6
PowerPoint Slides Session 6

Session 7: Holidays
Lesson Plan Session 7
Attachments Session 7
Image Word Cards Session 7
PowerPoint Slides Session 7

Session 8: Sustainability
Lesson Plan Session 8
Attachments Session 8
Image Word Cards Session 8
PowerPoint Slides Session 8

Session 9: Made in Germany
Lesson Plan Session 9
Attachments Session 9
Image Word Cards Session 9
PowerPoint Slides Session 9

Session 10: A last glimpse
Lesson Plan Session 10
Attachments Session 10
Image Word Cards Session 10
PowerPoint Slides Session 10