Learn German through STEM

Learn German through STEM ©Goethe-Institut USA

Kinderuni for SPARK - Learn German through STEM

The package ''Learn German through STEM'' was developed by the Goethe-Institut Boston as a continuation of the pilot project ''After-School German'' and it is based on the online materials of the German Digital Kinderuniversity.
The ten-week program ''Learn German through STEM'' focuses on engaging students aged 8 through 12 from schools both with and without regular German programs. The program can be implemented as an introductory program within an existing German language curriculum or on its own as an after-school program. The aim is to instill enthusiasm for foreign language learning, and for the German language in particular, and to teach some very basic German while exploring fascinating STEM-related topics.

Ten selected lessons of the Digital Kinderuniversity that organically combine German and STE(A)M motivate kids to learn German in a fun and structured way. Students learn how beat-boxing or 3D printers work, explore the world of ants, and discover how a spider spins its web. At the same time, they learn easy, useful phrases and words in German — numbers, colors, animals, and much more.

The materials from ''Learn German through STEM'' can be implemented in regular German classes at K-8 levels and are especially suited as introductory programs and "taster courses" for students who have not yet taken German classes. The program can also be used in an extracurricular format as an after-school program.
Materials (free to download):

Lesson 1: Muschelsound (Shell Sound)
Lesson Plan Lecture 1 Shell Sound
Attachments Lecture 1 Shell Sound

Lesson 2: Beatboxing
Lesson Plan Lecture 2 Beatboxing
Attachments Lecture 2 Beatboxing

Lesson 3: Blindenschrift (Braille Alphabet)
Lesson Plan Lecture 3 Braille
Attachments Lecture 3 Braille Alphabet

Lesson 4: Graffiti
Lesson Plan Lecture 4 Graffiti
Attachments Lecture 4 Graffiti

Lesson 5: Flussbreite (River Width)
Lesson Plan Lecture 5 River Width
Attachments Lecture 5 River Width

Lesson 6: Schattenspiele (Shadow Games)
Lesson Plan Lecture 6 Shadow Play
Attachments Lecture 6 Shadow Games

Lesson 7: Ameisensturz (Falling Ants)
Lesson Plan Lecture 7 Falling Ants
Attachments Lecture 7 Falling Ants

Lesson 8: Spinnennetz (Spider Web)
Lesson Plan Lecture 8 Spider Web
Attachments Lecture 8 Spider Web

Lesson 9: Autopilot
Lesson Plan Lecture 9 Autopilot
Attachments Lecture 9 Autopilot

Lesson 10: 3D Druck (3D Printing)
Lesson Plan Lecture 10 3D-Printing
Attachments Lecture 10 3D-Printing