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Reunification Revisited

Thirty years after German reunification put an end to the 1949 division of Germany into East and West, the questions remain:  How did people in both socialist East Germany and capitalist West Germany think about organizing their societies? What was important to them, and what didn't work out as planned? What can we learn from these frictions? How do the former social imaginaries speak to our present? Reunification Revisited invites students of German and modern German history to explore life in East and West Germany. They will discusswith experts themes such as youth activism, the perils of building walls between societies and the limits and advantages of democracy. This culminates in designing their own utopian projects for the future. 

Youth Culture in Divided Germany Photo (detail): Harald Hauswald @ Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung

Lecture Series Encounter, Engage, Expand

What did youth cultures in divided Germany look like? What can the history of German division tell us about contemporary democracy? Do walls work?

For Educators Photo: © picture alliance / ZB

For Educators

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Entanglement and Difference: FRG vs. GDR


Ajkuna Hoppe Ajkuna Hoppe © private Andrea Pfeil Andrea Pfeil © Jacobia Dahm Kerstin Hämmerling Kerstin Hämmerling | Photo: Mark Römisch © Goethe-Institut Boston Steffen Kaupp Steffen Kaupp | Photo: Mark Römisch © Goethe-Institut Boston
Ajkuna Hoppe, Educational Liaison, Goethe-Institut New York 
Andrea Pfeil, Director Language Programs, Goethe-Institut New York 
Kerstin Hämmerling, Language Consultant, Goethe-Institut Boston 
Steffen Kaupp, PhD, Director Language Programs, Goethe-Institut Boston 


Reunification Revisited is produced in partnership with Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur (Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the SED Dictatorship), German Consulate General New YorkGerman American Partnership Program (GAPP), American Association of Teachers of German (AATG), Transatlantic Outreach Program(TOP) and Spark for German.

Bundesstiftung Aufarbeitung German Consulate General New York

TOP (Transatlantic Outreach Program) AATG (American Association of Teachers of German) SPARK ( Spark for German) GAPP (German American Partnership Program)