Exhibitions & Tours


PASCH Science Show

Science is fun! This fall, the Goethe-Instituts in Washington, Chicago and Boston are inviting German science entertainer Joachim Hecker on a tour through PASCH schools across the USA.

Soccer Camps for students

In June 2019, the Goethe-Institut is running three-day soccer camps in schools around the US.
You want to organize a camp at your school? Then send us your application.

Zeilenschmiede on Tour

Four young artists from Germany teach students of German at the US East Coast that being creative with language does not require perfect command of that language. 

Goethe-Institut Poster Exhibitions


Beginner or advanced learner, school or adult education ... learning is much more fun with music. The project "Lautstark" presents 15 successful German popsongs on 14 posters which offer multiple opportunities to talk and discuss during German classes. 

Erfinderland Deutschland

Cars, television or computers - German inventions changed the world. Bright prospects for an innovative future in an innovative country - in particular for young people from the U.S. who are interested in studying or in a research visit in Germany.

Deutsche Städte und Landschaften

Hightech and nature, sports and culture: Germany is multifaceted. This poster exhibition introduces 13 German cities and landscapes including different ascpects, e.g. nature, leisure and tourism, but also history and culture.


Germany is the home of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, whose fairytale collection enchants children from Germany and all over the world to this day. 9 posters present topics such as "Villains" or "Magic and Wizardry". The poster exhibition is accompanied by a movie series of the most popular Grimm tales.