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  • Erfinderland Deutschland David Ausserhofer
  • Erfinderland Deutschland David Ausserhofer
  • Erfinderland Deutschland David Ausserhofer

The "Land of Inventors Germany" exhibition is coming to the US!

“Land of Inventors Germany” is an interactive exhibition that focuses on STEM-related innovations that originated in Germany and have changed the world. The exhibition includes both historic achievements as well as contemporary innovations that will help shape and improve our future. It is a hands on multimedia experience for students ages 15 to 20 and will be touring the United States from the fall of 2018 until the summer of 2019.

Germany currently ranks among the top three nations worldwide in numbers of new patents, and the number of people working in STEM-related fields in Germany continues to grow. Perspectives for an innovative future in an innovative country could hardly be better - and not just for Germans, but also for young people from across the world interested in science, technology, engineering, and math as well as in German culture.

This is why the Goethe-Institut has developed the “Land of Inventors Germany” exhibition in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute and the Max Planck Society. The exhibition will tour the United States from October of 2018 until May of 2019. 

The exhibition will be staying for one month each at eight different high schools and universities. The locations will open their doors to students from other schools and universities as well, and the exhibition will be free of charge. While the display materials are primarily in German, they also come with English translations that will be available digitally as well as in a printed version at each location.

“Land of inventors Germany” consists of seven thematic sections which provide the opportunity for students to learn about computer science, energy, mobility, communications, medicine, optics, and material. Each section includes 3D prints of inventions as well as supporting imagery and texts on display. Interactive elements invite students to not just learn about inventions in theory, but try them out for themselves. In addition, audio and video stations support the multimedia experience of the exhibition. At an interactive table in the center of the exhibition students will find information about opportunities to study and work in Germany.

Teaching Material

Planning a visit? There are lots of materials available that you can use to prepare your students for a visit of the "land of inventors Germany" exhibit. We aim to make these materials available in English as well soon.



If you have any questions regarding the exhibit feel free to contact our project manager Torben Hennigs:


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