Soccer Camps

Soccer Camps © Unsplash


Learning German in a fun and playful way!

In the summer of 2018, the Soccer World Cup will take place.

Parallel to this, the Goethe-Institut is organizing four three-day soccer camps for students in the USA in June/July in cooperation with Auf Ballhöhe.

The camps take place at schools or in cooperation with football clubs and are run by two DFB licensed youth coaches from Germany in German.

The students

  • play soccer together, have fun and learn German in a playful way,
  • are trained professionally, age-appropriate and according to their ability by the youth trainers,
  • receive action-oriented German lessons accompanied by teachers of German and are thus prepared in a playful way for the training sessions,
  • apply the learnt vocabulary in training,
  • play a small tournament at the end of the camp,
  • receive certificates of participation, T-shirts and prizes.

The German teachers
  • receive materials for the accompanying  lessons,
  • receive an honorarium for teaching German during the camp (if necessary, a teacher can be provided),
  • have a great opportunity to boost their German program.


The venues have been selected for 2018.