Soccer Camps

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Learning German, playing soccer and having fun together!

In June 2019 as part of the Deutschlandjahr USA, Goethe-Institut is organising four soccer camps for students. The three-day camps take place in four different US-schools and are run by the local German teacher and two youth trainers from the intercultural education and sports project Auf Ballhöhe. The soccer training will be conducted in German. Additionally, students receive German lessons.

The students

  • play soccer together, have fun and learn German playfully,
  • are trained by the youth coaches professionally, age-appropriate and in line with their abilities
  • receive action-oriented German lessons in the camp from German teachers and are thus playfully prepared for the training units,
  • use the learned vocabulary in training,
  • play a small tournament at the end of the camp,
  • will receive certificates of participation, T-shirts and prize cup.
The German teachers
  • receive materials for the accompanying lessons,
  • receive a fee for the execution of the camp,
  • have a great opportunity to promote their German program.
The following schools will host Wunderbar Together soccer camps in 2019:
Camp 1 (06/13-15/2019): Willis Jr. High School, Chandler, AZ
Camp 2 (06/17.-19./2019): South Middle School, Waukee, IA
Camp 3 (06/20-22/2019): Oconomowoc High School, Oconomowoc, WI
Camp 4 (06/24-26/2019): Deerfield Elementary School, Lexington, SC

Teaching Materials

Download the free teaching materials on soccer to use in class: