Math To Touch

Transatlantic Outreach Program

The exhibition Math To Touch aims to create a new approach towards mathematics. It depicts the supposedly most abstract of all the sciences in a manner that can be understood by the senses and makes mathematics comprehensible – for all age groups and without any preparatory training.

But what exactly is involved in this new approach? 
All our experiments bank on a playful approach to mathematics. They are unswervingly thought provoking and amazing: one is inspired to ask oneself “why is this so?”, and finds the first answers for oneself and thus finds the significance of the phenomena. It involves grasping with hand, head and heart; which can set a new impulse for the mathematics lessons in the school.

Visitors of all ages and all educational backgrounds experiment: They solve puzzles, build bridges, rack their brains while unraveling riddles, watch a sphere race, let wonderful soap bubbles come into being – and while doing so, they are always incidentally involved with mathematics. Goethe-Institut is in uncharted waters with this exhibition. All the more reason why we are very happy to get a renowned partner for this project.

The “Mathematikum” in the town of Giessen is the first interactive mathematics museum in the world. Math To Touch displays a selection of especially proven and established experiments from the exhibition in Giessen, where one is invited to try out and think over more than 160 experiments. Since it was opened ten years ago, around 1.5 million visitors have experienced the exhibition in Giessen.

The exhibition will be on display in:
Goethe-Institut New York
Goethe-Institut Washington, DC
Goethe-Zentrum Atlanta
Goethe-Institut San Francisco
Goethe-Institut Kanada
Goethe-Institut Chicago

This winter the Goethe-Institut Washington invites the most successful German YouTube-Stars “DieLochis” on a tour through PASCH schools across the United States. At the age of 12, the twins from Darmstadt started their own channel that featured parodies, sketches, and their own music. Within two years, they had over 1,000,000 followers. Today they are 18 years old. They shot a movie and recorded an album (#zwilling), which was number 1 of the German billboard charts for 24 weeks. DieLochis produce young German pop music that speaks to teenagers. Just like their fans, they deal with the most pressing questions concerning growing up: friendship and identity.