ACTFL 2020


Virtual Sessions at ACTFL 2020

While this year's virtual workshops are pre-recorded, we look forward to interacting with you in the chat during respective workshops to answer any questions you may have!

Friday, 11/20: 3:35pm - 4:20pm EST

To strengthen German programs in the US, the Goethe-Institut supports teachers, engages students, advises school administrations, and builds and empowers networks of German language educators and partners. This session provides an overview of our activities in these areas with particular focus on recent additions and program highlights projected for 2021.
Friday, 11/20: 4:25pm - 5:10pm EST

Everything you need in the area of professional development for German teachers including: Online language courses to expand your own language skills, immediate trial and transfer of new teaching and learning concepts into your lessons with our teacher training series Deutsch Lehren Lernen, individual, tailored coaching by our specially trained coaches, preparation for intercultural exchanges - for both teachers and students, cultural and professional exchange with colleagues all over the world at our virtual German teacher conference GETVICO24.
Saturday, 11/21: 1:50pm - 2:35pm EST

The Goethe-Institut is sponsoring the competition Our Sustainable Future (Unsere Nachhaltige Zukunft) for its second year. With interdisciplinarity and sustainability at its center, the competition encourages German and STEM teachers across North America to guide students in developing projects based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. See what opportunities are available for your students. Learn about other ways to engage in education for sustainable education and the PASCH program.
Saturday, 11/21: 3:45pm – 4:30pm EST

SPARK for German, a joint project of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) and the Goethe-Institut, provides professional development for future German instructors and enables students across the United States to start learning German at an early age. SPARK offers a playful approach to German lessons in after school programs—providing early access to language instruction and creating opportunities for students to learn German to reach advanced levels. Join us to learn more!
Sunday, 11/22: 12:05pm – 12:50pm EST

German American Virtual Exchange
The German American Partnership Program goes digital with the German American Virtual Exchange (GAVE). GAVE enables teachers to offer their students a cultural exchange with a partner school in Germany without having to leave the country. This workshop will give teachers the tools they need to get started. 

Virtual One on One Meetings with Us

Request a virtual one-on-one meeting on our exhibitor page in the ACTFL portal with one of 15 colleagues from Goethe-Institutes all over the U.S. During any point of the weekend, at least 3 colleagues will be keeping their schedule free for virtual meeting requests! 

Each of us look forward to answering your general questions, but if you have specific topics in mind, below are the colleagues that can best help you in their following specialty areas:

Partner School Network (PASCH)

Thomas Flanagan
Goethe-Institut Washington
     - PASCH Network
     - Our Sustainable Future

Stephanie Hafner
Goethe-Institut Washington
PASCH Network
     - Study Bridge Program

Kerstin Hämmerling
Goethe-Institut Boston
     - PASCH Network
     - "Wie gut ist Lecker?"
        Materials and Competition

Theresa Fuchs
Goethe-Institut Chicago
     - PASCH Network
     - IDO International German

Professional Development

Steffen Kaupp
Goethe-Institut Boston
Andrea Pfeil
Goethe-Institut New York
     - DLL Deutsch Lehren Lernen
     - Language Courses for German
     - Coaching Program (Request or
       become a coach!)
     - Aquiring a Grünes Diplom
     - GETVICO24

Eileen Sellman
Goethe-Institut Washington
     - Professional Development
       Seminars in Germany incl.
     - German Career Days
        for Students

Language Programs

Kathrin Engler
Goethe-Institut Washington
     - Digital Junioruniversity 2021
     - Green Academy 

Allison Paul
Goethe-Institut Washington
     - German Digital Kinderuniversity
Susanne Rinner
Goethe-Institut Washington

     - SPARK Structured Program for
       the Aquisition of German
     - Cooperations with AATG

Exchange Programs

Molly Rowland
German American Partnership Program (GAPP)
Goethe-Institut New York

     - GAPP Short-Term Exchanges
     - GAPP Long-Term Exchanges
     - Study Abroad Scholarships
     - German American Virtual

Julia Koch
Goethe-Institut San Francisco
     - German for Hire
     - Virtual Field-Trips

Language Courses and Exams

Steffen Kaupp
Goethe-Institut Boston
Craig Childers
Goethe-Institut Washington
     - Language Courses
     - Goethe-Institut Examinations  
     - Language Learning Centers
     - Testing Centers
     - Teaching at the Goethe-Institut


All Topic Areas

All Colleagues
     - All Questions
     - Teaching Materials for
       German Teachers
     - Step into German
     - Events and Competitions
       for Students of German

Anne Schoenhagen 
Language Program Director
North America

Goethe-Institut Washington
     - All Language Programs
       in North America