Goethe-Institut Sessions at ACTFL 2017

Description: Learn about initiatives and share ideas and concerns on strategies to promote and support the teaching and learning of German in the US. Roundtable discussion with representatives from the German Embassy, the Goethe-Institut, the Zentralstelle für Auslandsschulwesen, the DAAD, the Austrian Bundesministerium für Bildung, and the Swiss Embassy.

Presenters: Keith Cothrun, American Association of Teachers of German
Matthias Dettling, Consulate General of Switzerland
Jan Patrick Eckendorf, German Embassy
Christoph Veldhues, Goethe-Institut Washington
Gertrude Zhao-Heissenberger, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education

Location: Room 214

Time: Fri, 11/17: 2:30 PM  - 3:30 PM
Description: This session provides an overview of all German-STE(A)M related projects the Goethe-Institut offers to teachers and students: Seminars about sustainability, the Aqua-Agent project, the Going Green project, educational games (i.e. Eco-Mission) and many more. Come and experience hands-on examples and material ready to use in your classroom.

Presenters: Anja Schmitt, Goethe-Institut Chicago

Location: Room 212

Time: Fri, 11/17: 5:00 PM  - 6:00 PM 
Description: To strengthen German programs K-16 in the US, the Goethe-Institut supports teachers, engages students, counsels school administrations, and builds and empowers networks of language partners. This session provides an overview of its activities in these areas with particular focus on recent additions and program highlights projected for 2018.

Presenters: Dr. Christoph Veldhues, Goethe-Institut Washington
Eileen Sellman, Goethe-Institut Washington

Location: Room 211

Time: Sat, 11/18: 8:00 AM  - 9:00 AM 
Description: This session presents innovative approaches to the integration of popular songs, both contemporary and representative for historical time periods such as the Cold War, that express perspectives on political or social circumstances in the form of commentaries, poetic reflections, and protests.

Presenters: Ingrid Zeller, Northwestern University, Katja Fullard, Goethe-Institut Chicago

Location: Room 212

Time: Sun, 11/19: 8:00 AM  - 9:00 AM
Description: The Goethe-Institut's Just Add German web platform offers fun contests, strategies and tools to build networks and present an effective case to promote German to parents, students, administrators and school board members. The German for Hire project features German college students visiting US classes to offer a glimpse of modern Germany.

​Julia Koch, Goethe-Institut San Francisco
Andrea Pfeil, Goethe-Institut New York

Location: Room 210

Time: Sun, 11/19: 11:15 AM  - 12:15 PM