ACTFL 2019

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Goethe-Institut Sessions at ACTFL 2019

Description: The Goethe-Institut, Germany's official cultural institution, supports and engages K-16 German teachers, students, programs and administrations. This session provides an overview of our activities in these areas with a focus on recent additions and program highlights projected for 2019/2020.

Anne Schönhagen, Goethe-Institut Washington
Eileen Sellman, Goethe-Institut Washington

Location: Room 143A

Date: Fri, 22.11: 16.30 - 17.15 Uhr
Description: The Kinderuni is a free educational platform for children. Based on "Sendung mit der Maus", STEM topics are explored while playfully learning German. A particular focus will be placed on incorporating the bilingual lectures into the German and CLIL classroom using provided lesson plans, didactic materials, and Kinderuni box to recreate experiments.

Eileen Sellman, Goethe-Institut Washington
Allison Paul, Goethe-Institut Washington

Location: Room 143B

Time: Fri, 11/22: 5:30PM  - 6:15PM 
Description: Diversity is a key component of language and cultural studies. This panel presents a variety of approaches for teaching gender-inclusive topics and gender-sensitive language in German. The speakers will suggest ways to deal with gender pronouns, generic masculine forms of nouns, and other gender-based topics in the German language classroom

Lindsay Preseau, University of Cincinnati
Steffen Kaupp, Goethe-Institut Boston 
Claire Scott, Grinnell College 

Location: Room 143B

Time: Sat, 11/23: 9:00 - 09:45 AM
Description: The Goethe-Institut supports a network of 35 PASCH schools in North America and through it launches innovative projects to strengthen the role of German as a foreign language in national education systems. Learn about how STEAM activities serve to facilitate language learning. The PASCH triathlon in Colorado will be presented in detail.

Stephanie Hafner, Goethe-Institut Washington

Location: Room 144A

Time: Fri, 11/23: 09:30AM - 09:45AM
Description: Using a language in real-life and meeting peers who are native speakers are among the biggest motivators to choose a foreign language and to keep studying it. Intercultural exchanges in the GAPP model allow language educators to build reciprocal exchanges focusing on immersion at their schools - with structural and even some financial support.

Molly Rowland, German American Partnership Program
Andrea Pfeil, Goethe-Institut New York

Location: Room 144A

Time: Sat, 11/23: 2:30PM - 03:15 PM
Description: Representatives from different organizations, the German Embassy Washington, DC and the ZfA in cooperation with the AATG Sprach- und Samstagsschulkomitee will inform participants about different opportunities on where, how and when to apply for funds/grants for various school projects, teacher's training, and more.

Kerstin Hopkins, GLC At the German International School Washington DC  
​Vera Beutin, Germany Embassy Washington
Helmut Kehlenbeck, Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen 
Anne Schönhagen, Goethe-Institut Washington

Location: Room 143A

Time: Sun, 11/24: 08:00 AM  - 08:45 AM 
Description: After-school programs in a world language are a perfect way to introduce and strengthen language programs and intercultural competence. The Goethe-Institut supports schools interested in offering extra-curricular German. Learn more about a project in which college students conduct after-school sessions in German language and culture for K-8.

Kerstin Hämmerling, Goethe-Institut Boston
Theresa Fuchs, Goethe-Institut Chicago
Manuela Wagner, University of Connecticut 

Location: Room 143A

Time: Sun, 11/24: 10:00 AM  - 10:45 AM 


Goethe-Institut Washington
1377 R Street NW | Washington, DC 20009

Join us in our new location, just two metro stops ("U St.-Cardozo") from the convention center! Together with AATG, we have a special evening planned for German teachers.

Help us honor our many talented teachers of German. This year's winners of the Goethe-Institut/AATG Certificate of Merit are:
Christine Brucker
Webster Central School District
Webster, New York

Mary Beth Zollars
Chartiers Vallez School District
Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
To conclude this year's Awards Ceremony, the AATG and the Goethe-Institut USA will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding to declare their joint commitment in supporting, furthering and promoting German as a Foreign Language in the United States. 
Vince Ebert has performed for huge audiences across Germany, Austria & Switzerland. He hosts a prime-time science show on ARD and his books have sold over 500.000 copies. Last year, he debuted his English show »SEXY SCIENCE« in the English Theatre in Frankfurt as well as on stage at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

On the evening of 11/23, this free show is provided exclusively for our German teachers in the US attending ACTFL.
"You probably think Germans have no sense of humor. Therefore, a German physicist has to be the least funny person on this planet. This may be true until you meet Vince Ebert. Vince has won heads and hearts with his show »SEXY SCIENCE« Serious Humor – Made in Germany.

Join us as Vince explains scientific facts using the fundamental laws of humor: Why is the sky blue? Why is the night black? Why shouldn’t we eat yellow snow? »SEXY SCIENCE« is a witty and inspiring performance about skeptical thinking, fake news, the secret of German cars and the important question: Do strippers in the southern hemisphere turn around the pole in the opposite direction?"
After the awards ceremony, MOU and Vince Ebert's Comedy Show, we invite all teachers to enjoy refreshments and the chance to mingle with us and colleagues from around the US.