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For Superintendents, School Administrators and Teachers

 @Karen L Phillips



Foreign language programs at schools and colleges across the U.S. have experienced a rapid decline in the last years: Fewer students are learning a second language and even fewer teachers are qualified enough to meet the demands of foreign language instruction. The repercussions of the language deficit are felt strongly among global companies who face a workforce with increasingly poor linguistic skills.

But what are the benefits of foreign language instruction, why should schools establish and expand existing language programs and how can we assist decision makers in getting started?

District superintendents, school principals, Department of Education’s supervisors for world languages, members of school boards and teachers are invited to join the Goethe-Institut, the Pennsylvania Board of Schools Association (PSBA) and partners for an information fair and workshops on the advantages of foreign language instruction, particularly that of German.

Join representatives of top-notch German and US institutions to discuss how to empower students to obtain world class, debt-free higher education in Germany, learn about programs to integrate language education and STEM and various low-to-no cost opportunities to train German faculty.

Light lunch will be served.

Participation will be limited to the first 50 registrants due to space availability.