16. Internationale Deutschlehrertagung (IDT)


The Goethe-Institut is awarding stipends to German teachers in the USA to attend this unique event.

The 16th Internationale Deutschlehrertagung/International German Teacher Conference (IDT) is taking place from July 31 to August 4, 2017 in Freiburg (Switzerland).

16. Internationale Deutschlehrertagung (IDT) in der Schweiz

Since 1967, the world’s largest conference for German as a foreign language – IDT (Internationale Deutschlehrertagung) - takes place every four years in different German-speaking countries. Based on its well-rounded framework- and professional program, IDT provides a great opportunity for German teachers from all over the world to exchange experience and expertise and, moreover, to participate in training courses.
IDT 2017 goes under the slogan “BRÜCKEN GESTALTEN – MIT DEUTSCH VERBINDEN: Menschen – Lebenswelten– Kulturen".
The Goethe-Institut would like to give an opportunity to German teachers in USA to be a part of this exceptional event by awarding stipends to attend IDT 2017.

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  • You are a committed school/college/university/ teacher for German as a Foreign Language (with at least B2-German level).
  • You are willing to write and submit an academic paper/article on the topic of IDT 2017 “BRÜCKEN GESTALTEN - MIT DEUTSCH VERBINDEN: Menschen – Lebenswelten – Kulturen“.
  1. Submit an academic paper/article (maximum length: 1500 characters) on the topic of IDT 2017 “BRÜCKEN GESTALTEN - MIT DEUTSCH VERBINDEN: Menschen – Lebenswelten – Kulturen“.More information on article requirements can be found here: http://www.idt-2017.ch/index.php/beitraege/beitrag-einreichen.
  2. Submit your article by September 30, 2016 at the IDT Website.
  3. Apply for the stipend at the Goethe-Institut responsible for your state by October 15 2016. For that, fill out the online application form IDT 2017 and send it to your Goethe-Institut along with your resume and IDT’s confirmation that you have submitted your article.
  4. IDT will inform you by February 1, 2017 whether your article was accepted or not. Please forward the IDT article confirmation to the Goethe-Institut responsible for your state. You will not receive a stipend without this confirmation. 
  5. Whether you are awarded the stipend or not, the Goethe-Institut will inform you by March 1, 2017.
  6. Stipends will not be awarded to applicants whose academic articles are not accepted by IDT. (Any costs that may arise during the process of submitting your article to IDT, are your responsibility and will not be reimbursed by the Goethe-Institut).