Current Competitions

Utopian Thinkers Wanted

If you were to design your own ideal society of the future, what would it look like? Participate in our student contest and enter to win prizes that will benefit your entire school. Submissions open until November 10, 2020. 

Utopian Thinkers Wanted

2020 Hip-Hop-Battle Boston

For the third time, students from different high schools will compete at the Hip-Hop Battle Boston. Mixed teams of students write lyrics about the topic 'Ich' ('I'), practice their performance, improve their pronunciation and stage presence, and get inspiration from experts - all in German, of course!

Past Competitions

PASCH Triathlon 2019

The Goethe-Institut organized a national triathlon in the disciplines 'German language and culture', 'MINT' and 'sports' between representatives of twelve PASCH-schools in the USA from September 27th until September 29th 2019.

2019 "My Profession is the Best!"

"My Profession is the Best!" was a new video competition for students at community colleges in the USA learning a profession and German. The grand prize went to Jessica Worthey from Texas - both she and her German teacher won a trip to Germany! You can now view the top 3 videos on our page.

Kinderuni Curiosity Contest

All big discoveries start with a question, and the way to the discovery is through finding the answer to that question. The Goethe-Institut wanted to get the researchers of tomorrow started today by finding out which questions are on your minds so that we can answer them in our new German Digital Kinderuniversity! You can now take a look at the winning submissions and explore what the Kinderuni can offer as you discover the world of science, technology, engineering, and math.