Student Contest Berlin Wall

Ronald Reagan speaking in front of the Brandenburg Gate ©White House Photographic Office

„Tear down this wall!” Student contest in celebration of 30 years Fall of the Berlin Wall

30 years ago, a peaceful revolution took place in the German Democratic Republic. It led to the Fall of the Berlin Wall and to the collapse of the Iron Curtain that had separated Europe in East and West for decades. We celebrated this memorable event with a student contest. 
In our booklet on the Peaceful Revolution we introduced David Gill, Consul General in New York City, and Dianna Erinna, a German lecturer from Boston. Both shared their memories of living in a divided country from a very personal point of view.

For our contest we asked students to write a fictitious letter to either David Gill or Dianna Erinna. Teachers selected the three best essays per class and submitted them as entries for this contest. A jury which included both eyewitnesses chose the best essays which were awarded a free movie night with a selected German dvd and pizza for the whole class.

Find here the award winning essays.

Watch here the answer of consul general David Gill to a question asked by high school student Aarun Zhu:

"Your role in the Citizen’s Committee following the fall of the Wall also raises some questions to me. Was it particularly satisfying knowing that you were dismantling an institution whose actions had sought to oppress you in your life thus far? I would imagine that such an immediate transition - from being marginalized by the government to being the one in power must have been shocking, perhaps even gratifying."

David Gill's Answer