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Welcome to our Book Club, which meets once a month in the Literatursalon of the Goethe-Institut Boston!

We meet to discuss contemporary German literature, from modern classics to more recent arrivals on the literary scene.

All books and discussions are in German.

Schedule and Titles:

Barbara Eskin

Temporary Meeting Space for duration of Goethe-Institut renovation:
137 Jordan Road, Brookline

Goethe-Institut Boston Literatursalon
170 Beacon St., Boston
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Dates 2017

Bodo Kirchhoff: Widerfahrnis

Bodo Kirchhoff's Widerfahrnis, winner of the German Book Prize, tells the late love story of two people escaping from their failures on a trip to Sicily.

Zeit Online
Ilse Aichinger: Die größere Hoffnung

The Austrian author Ilse Aichinger died in November of 2016. Die größere Hoffnung is her only novel, published after the war in 1948.

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Fischer Verlag
Martin Walser: Ein sterbender Mann

The novel follows the life of Theo Schadt, 72, which spirals out of control after he is betrayed by his closest (and only) friend.

Uwe Timm: Morenga

Uwe Timm's documentary novel "Morenga" is historically closely related to Gerhard Seyfried's "Herero": the Nama uprising starts on the 4th October, only eight months after the Herero uprising. Timm pursues the rebellion through the eyes of the veterinarian Gottschalk until its suppression in 1907. On the 21st of September 1907, when Gottschalk sets out on his voyage back home, the Germans, with assistance from the English, beat up and kill Jakob Morenga, the leader of the Namas. In order to destroy the traditional tribal structures and to disempower the indigenous peoples economically and force them into labour, the land and cattle of the Herero and Hottentots are confiscated.

New York Times
Jagoda Marinić: Restaurant Dalmatia

Restaurant Dalmatia follows the journey of Mia, a photographer, who returns to her hometown Berlin and her aunt's restaurant Dalmatia where she was happiest growing up...

Joachim Meyerhoff: Ach, diese Lücke, diese entsetzliche Lücke
Part 3 of the autobiographical trilogy Alle Toten fliegen hoch, paperpack ed., 2017

The twenty-year-old narrator is accepted at a drama school in Munich and moves in with his eccentric grandmother and his solemn grandfather becoming a wanderer between two worlds.

Anna Seghers: Transit

Anna Segher's influental novel about migration and the search for identity was originally published in 1948 but its topics still ring true with contemporary readers.

André Kubiczek: Skizze eines Sommers
Short List Germn Book Prize 2016

Skizze eines Sommers (Sketch of a Summer) is a warm, light-hearted novel about the best of all times and youth with its beautiful tragedy - first love, friendship, music, or books that you read over and over again. André Kubiczek knows how to describe a difficult age that is characterized by uncertainty, self-confidence, and trust.

Peter Handke: Der kurze Brief zum langen Abschied
Short Story, 2001
Zeit Review

Siegfried Lenz: Der Überläufer 
written 1951, published 2016 posthumously

During his lifetime, his publisher rejected the book because of "blatant disloyalty against the homeland". 65 years later, Siegfried Lenz's Der Überläufer suddenly leads the bestseller lists.

Stefan Zweig: Buchmendel / Die unsichtbare Sammlung
First published 1927

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