Film All of a Sudden

All of a Sudden (c) photo by Emre Erkmen

Sun, 02/19/2017

11:00 Uhr

Goethe-Institut Boston

New Films from Germany

Following a party in Karsten's apartment, everyone goes home – except Anna. Karsten is drawn to the mysterious young woman. How could he have known that in this moment of weakness, his well-established life would spiral out of control and turn into a disaster? Tensions in the family and in his circle of friends follow. His attempt to live life as if nothing has happened fails – gossip in this small town in Germany makes it impossible. Disappointment breeds rage and injustice, calamity takes its course and, just as Karsten thinks he has his life under control again, he has become a different person.
Berlin writer and director Aslı Özge prefixes her film with a quote from Shakespeare's "Hamlet": "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." The film's unassuming, carefully composed, well-lit images and fitting sound design create tension which allows the audience to sense the growing unease and looming disaster. Questions of guilt and morality, justice and hypocrisy are addressed.
Germany/Netherlands/France, 2016, 112 min.
Director: Asli Özge