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Sun, 04/09/2017

Coolidge Corner Theatre

290 Harvard St.
Brookline, MA 02446

New Films from Germany

A hurricane of catastrophic proportions is brewing over Switzerland. The country is in a state of emergency. Ten directors from a new generation of filmmakers imagine how the Swiss would deal with the worst possible disaster: the downfall of their country. Using this situation of widespread uncertainty, they illuminate people, mentalities and Switzerland’s milieu, illuminating divergent reactions to the impending storm – some ignore it, some barricade themselves, some celebrate the end of the world. But the storm has one thing in common: it exposes the true desires, fears and hopes, and reveals bit by bit the consequences of political and societal isolation. The filmmakers deftly weave together these wildly different personal episodes into a big, unified supernatural thriller.

Switzerland/Germany 2015
Directors: Michael Krummenacher, Jan Gassmann, Lisa Blatter, Gregor Frei, Benny Jaberg, Carmen Jaquier, Jonas Meier, Tobias Nölle, Lionel Rupp, Mike Scheiwiller
With: Peter Jecklin, Dashmir Ristemi, Julia Glaus Sales
Drama, 99 min

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