Workshop and Final Hip-Hop-Battle Boston

Urban Street Art Berlin ©OladAden

Thu, 11/30/2017

High School Project German

Hip-hop has long lost much of its gangster image. In this day and age, it is more commonly viewed as a form of language art, one that demands talent, training and courage – just like acquiring skills in a foreign language. With its focus on the spoken word, on exploring rhythm, sound and pronunciation, it is a wonderful instrument for language learning, particularly for young learners.
Students of German at New England high schools take to the stage on November 30 for the grand hip-hop-finale to perform their own raptext – IN GERMAN!  
The Goethe-Institut Boston would like to invite New England-based German teachers and students to participate in the first edition of the Hip-Hop-Battle Boston.
About the Project
On September 28 2017, teachers will be able to learn more about the project by attending a one-hour-webinar. Participating schools will receive free teaching material that will help prepare their students in class. The students will:
- Explore the landscape of German hip-hop
- Learn step-by-step how to write German rap lyrics on a given beat
- Work in small groups to come up with rap lyrics about the topic 'I (Ich)'
- Practise their performance 
At the end of October/beginning of November, the teachers will organize hip-hop-contests at their schools. The rap groups will contend against each other while the audience (the other students) decide which group wins.
The winning group of each school (max. 5 students) will participate in the great hip-hop-finale on November 30 at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School in Sudbury, MA. Here, rappers and dancers from Berlin will offer workshops for the students which will enable them to perfect their performance.
The final performances will then take place in the afternoon: the different groups will compete against each other and a jury will announce the winner. Four prizes will be up for grabs, the first prize being a professional studio recording of the students’ rap. The day will end with a performance by the German artists themselves.
Target Group
High Schools Students in New England (min. at German 2 level).
There will be a one-hour webinar on September 28, 2017 for teachers who wish to participate. Preparations at the individual schools should take place in October for an average of two hours a week. At the end of October/beginning of November, teachers organize a hip-hop contest at their own schools. On November 30, the winning groups travel to Sudbury for the finale.  

Registration for this project is no longer possible. For more information, please contact Kerstin Hä or watch our video:
©Olad Aden