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Shane Dylan

Shane Dylan is a piano player, composer, producer, and creative musical visionary.  He collaborates frequently with innovative artists from a variety of different genres: hip hop, R&B, and jazz.  He grew up in Boston and is a deeply engrained in the Boston music scene, where he performs regularly and prides himself on being in tune with multiple diverse musical communities.  He is currently studying music at New England Conservatory, where he has worked with Jason Moran, Dominique Eade, Ken Schaphorst, Ethan Iverson, Henrique Eisenmann, and other accomplished artists.
Shane is currently organizing and working on a large scale hip hop collaboration project with a number of local Boston rappers, including Marquis Filthy, Kofi Lost, Red Shaydez, SeeFour, Tashawn Taylor, Cakeswagg, Capella Auriga, and others.  The project features new music that Shane is writing and arranging, as well as playing piano on.  The first song from the project, “The Camera Fades to Black,” was recently released on all streaming platforms, and a music video for the song just came out.
Shane’s music is emotional and confronts profound aspects of human feeling.  Shane believes in music as a powerful force to bring people together and create change in the world.  His focus and passion over the past several years has been creating large memorable musical productions, with diverse groups of artistic talent and creative new musical ideas.  He uses his music as a tool to bring artists and appreciators from all different walks of life together and create something genuine and lasting.  He has also already released two full length albums that are available on all streaming platforms, “Under The Spotlights (Live)” and “When It All Makes Sense.”

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Hip Hop collaboration project

Performances, Panel Discussions and Workshops
October 23-24, 2020

Over the last year, I have been conceptualizing and working on a major hip hop collaboration project that brings together artists from the Boston hip hop community and Boston music school community.  It features a number of local Boston rappers, including Marquis Filthy, Kofi Lost, Red Shaydez, SeeFour, Tashawn Taylor, Cakeswagg, Capella Auriga, and new music that I have written and arranged with a live band.  The songs include elements of hip hop, R&B, and jazz, and they combine the rappers with a live band a singers.  There's a back and forth between the instruments and the hip hop verses: an important goal of mine for the project is to create music that appeals to people from different musical communities.
Not only am I striving to create great music, but through this project I also hope to address the disconnect between the worlds of music schools and urban musicians, who create very deep and profound music in a non-academic setting.  My musical development when I was younger had been primarily in jazz, but over the past couple years, I’ve become very involved in the Boston hip hop community.  When I first started getting involved with these artists, I was shocked to realize there was this other community of musicians right near my school and neighborhood, creating powerful and emotionally stimulating music, but that there was so little contact between them and the artists I have met through my studies.  Through this project, I've been able to bring musicians from these varied communities and different walks of life together to create music.  The weekend at Studio 170 will include a few different kinds of events that provide an opportunity to meet, engage with, and experience the music of different talented artists from the Boston music scene.