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TEU StillPlanes (video still), single-channel video projection, 45 min., 2016

Janne Höltermann

Janne is a native of Germany and currently lives in Boston. She graduated from the Muthesius Academy Kiel, Germany and from Massachusetts College of Art and Design Boston. She has been awarded residencies at Yaddo (NY) and Flux Factory (NYC), received travel grants from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and participated in the Bronx Museum's AIM program (NYC). Most recently her videos have been supported by the film funding foundation of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein (2015) and Outpost Artists Resources (NYC, 2018).
Amongst others, her work was shown at the Institute of Contemporary Art Philadelphia, at Werkleitz Gesellschaft e. V. Halle, Trestle Projects Brooklyn, NURTUREart Brooklyn, Icebox Project Space Philadelphia, Bronx Museum of Art NYC, Museum of Contemporary Art Basel, and the Museum of Fine Arts Bremen.

Janne Höltermann

Exhibition: Quiet Fulfilment

October 10-16, 2020
Goethe-Institut Boston
170 Beacon Street, Boston

Janne works in video, animation and photography. She observes how technology and capitalism abstract and restructure movement, space and time. Recent works examine the flight paths of airplanes, the rhythm of container ships, and robots in automated warehouses.

Her videos take standardized formats and automatization as a starting point to organize physical space by virtual means. They reference real locations and are based on filmed footage. Through the use of production and post-production methods new hybrid, alienated spaces arise out of her works that tip between real-physical and virtually constructed environments. These spaces offer a picture that is bound by the context and events of the site.They emphasize how a neoliberal dynamic deconstructs and transforms space and time and how virtualization, digitization, and optimization of processes foster the creation of mobile topologies.


Exhibition Hours

October 10-16, 2020

The exhibition will be open during the following times:
Saturday, October 10, 3-6 PM
Sunday, October 11, 3-6 PM
Monday, October 12, 3-6 PM
Friday, October 16, 5-8 PM

Due to the current restrictions, the exhibition will only be open to the public for up to five visitors at a time. There is no need to reserve, but there may be a short wait time to enter. All eventbrite reservations will be have priority to enter at the reserved time.

The artist will be present.

Note: all visitors must wear a mask and follow all regulations at all times while inside the building. The Goethe-Institut Boston reserves the right to cancel or postpone a tour at any time. Participants will be contacted via the eventbrite registration in the event that a cancellation or rescheduling is necessary.