Film with Discussion A VOICE AMONG THE SILENT: The Legacy of James G. McDonald

James McDonald and his daughter Barbara with Golda Meir in Tel-Aviv August 27, 1948. © USHMM, courtesy of Israel Government Press Office

Mon, 04/24/2017

Goethe-Institut Chicago

150 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 200
Chicago, lL 60601

A film by Shuli Eshel

An alarming meeting with Hitler in 1933 impels American diplomat James G. McDonald, a Catholic from Indiana, to use his position with the League of Nations to warn world leaders including Franklin D. Roosevelt and Pope Pius XII of the impending Holocaust. Although his tireless efforts to protect the Jews of Europe were little heeded at the time, they were recorded for posterity in his diaries, only discovered in 2003. Chicago filmmaker Eshel (MAXWELL STREET: A LIVING MEMORY) details the life’s work of this unrecognized champion of human rights, who became the first U.S. ambassador to Israel.

Director Shuli Eshel will be present for audience discussion.

Shuli Eshel
Shuli Eshel, Israeli born Chicago filmmaker, is an award winning producer/director of documentaries covering a myriad of subjects. Among her documentaries are Women's Peace in the Middle East, Illinois Women Artists: The New Millennium, Maxwell Street: A Living Memory, The Jewish Experience in Chicago and Jewish Women in American Sport: Settlement Houses to the Olympics. Her most recent, critically acclaimed documentary, A Voice Among the Silent, has been shown widely in the United States, Israel and Canada Director Shuli Eshel will be present for audience discussion.